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carrie630May 27, 2011

I think I know the answer but want to double check:

If my mother receives let's say $500.00 per month social security and father receives $800.00 (made up amounts, not sure what they get)... If he died first, would she get his $800.00? Thanks -

Somehow, I remember someone telling me that if your spouse had been receiving more than you and died, you would get his - but of course, not in combination with yours. Is that right?


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No. The spousal benefit is 50% only.

SocSec will allow you the choice of your own benefit OR the spousal benefit, whichever is greater.

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The spousal benefit of 50% mentioned above is not the same as the survivor's benefit.

Widows or widowers who have rearched full retirement age are normally entitled to 100% of the deceased spouse's benefit if it's greater than their own, but they cannot also collect their own.

If your father were to die first, your mother would be entitled to his $800/month (assuming she's of full retirment age), but she could not also receive her own $500. Were she to die first, your father would continue to receive his $800/month because it's greater than the benefit of his deceased wife.

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Excellent clarification, feedingfrenzy!

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1. Let say father receive 2K/month starts at his 65.
2. Mother receive $400/month starts at her 62.
3. When mother reaches 65 she will receive 50% of his = 1K/month
4. Later on, after he dies, she will receive 2K/month

Am i correct ?

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