How to patch aluminum siding???

jaansuOctober 3, 2012

I'm replacing a decorative vent on the side of my house and noticed that they had cut out most of the siding behind it. Seems stupid to me since I assume some rain can get behind the siding. Before I put up the new vent, should I close up this siding holiday? I was thinking of nailing in place flashing strips so that water would run down outside the siding, not behind it. It will be invisible behind the vent.

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I think we need to see a picture to understand what they did and whether or not it is a problem.

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If you nail it, you'll probably end up with bent aluminum. Instead, consider fastening it with a couple rivets.

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Imagine siding with sections missing and the missing sections are adjacent for about 7 siding boards, roughly the size of a 30' X 30' circle and you have my situation.
You make a good point about nailing into the siding. I'll predrill those since I don't have rivets. But I can certainly nail where the siding is missing.

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aluminum siding moves the same as wood and or vinyl would. Predrilling will not be enough.

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"Predrilling will not be enough."

Ever noticed the nailing holes' in aluminum and vinyl siding are actually slots?

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