How to fix a warped cabinet door

brussoJanuary 10, 2006

I have a 4 foot cabinet door that is warped and will not close properly. I was told that if I could turn the door around so that the warped edge has the hinges then the former hinged edge will be strait. Is that the best way to do this? Is there another way to straiten out the warp?

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You need to determine if the door is warped, or is the cabinet racked. Take the door off and lay it on a flat surface, check to see if the door is warped. Explain how the door "doesn't close". Is it away at the top or the bottom? How old is this door, how long has it been warped etc. What kind of hinges ?

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If it's warped, going to the trouble of turning the door around and switching the hinges is probably not going to do anything much. It's most likely to produce the same situation as you have now. Depending on the type of hinges and how they're mounted, you might be able to improve it a little, by fiddling with them, but I suspect that you will ultimately not be able to fix this easily and may just have to live with it.

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Has anyone had experience using a wire and turnbuckle arrangement to pull a door back to near flat? I have a custom built tall cabinet door that I'm thinking about trying to straighten this way.

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If it's not a serious warp and you have external self closing hinges, you can take a large flat bladed screwdriver and place the tip between the faceframe and the tab on the back side of the hinge and gently rack the door towards the closed position.Do this on the the area of the warp or gap.Another avenue is to take a small piece of 1/8th or 1/4" plywwod and "clamp" the warped side to the faceframe tight by placing 1/2 of the ply over the edge of the door and nail through the plywood into the faceframe. Unfortunately this puts a small hole in your faceframe as it only needs to be a small finish nail.If your faceframe is a hardwood like oak, it will be hard to nail, but you just need it to pull the door tight to the frame. Let it sit for a day or two.Dont have any advise if you have internal hinges or a faceless cabinet frame.

ricovalium:i've used the turnbuckle method on a screen door and wooden gates, a little crude for cabinetry, but it does work and your not going to see it with the door closed anyhow. Just never tried it on cabinet doors.Make sure it will clear any shelving.

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Thanks, Sierraeast. The cabinet door is close in construction to a screen door, so I may give it a whirl.

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