What projects are you starting?

karpetDecember 26, 2011

As we head into 2012, do you have plans for specific quilt you want to make this next year?

I would like to finish a grandmother's flower garden and a dresden plate for a 50th and 55th anniversaries that are happening this coming year.

There are at least 3 patterns that I want to make just for me. I don't know if I'll do any of those.

I also have a wedding quilt that needs to be done Oct. of 2013 - I should get a start on that so I'm not waiting till the last moment on that.

How about all of you - any specific quilts you would like to make in 2012?


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I plan to make miniatures and boutique items for my guild's Feb. 2013 quilt show. I'm also planning to finish a huge quilt that's been in progress for years (it's on the frame and more than halfway quilted!). I also got out Bonnie Hunter's 2010 mystery quilt Roll Roll Cotton Boll today and got started on it again.

Hopefully I'll get more than that done during the next year, but those will be a good start!


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The first thing I am working on is a challenge quilt for the Smoky Mountain Quiltfest. I usually enter the challenge every year. I also have an applique wolf wallhanging that I want to do for my son this year. For me, I want to do the Flowers for my Wedding quilt. I have the pattern ordered. Mostly, I want to try some different techniques this year and try to do some dyeing.


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I hope to get back to quilting SOON! I'm going through withdrawal, not having done anything since about Retreat!

I have two table runners started that I'd hoped to get done for my mother for Christmas/new house warming...I'd like to get those done soon.

Would like to finish baby's quilt! (She's now 8 months old!)

Have a Bella Bella top done that needs to get to the quilter, so I can maybe enter it in the Mid-Atlantic quilt show Feb 2013

And DH bought me a paper pieced, hand dyed quilt kit from Starr Quilts made of all mariner's compass stars. It will undoubtedly be a long-term project, but I'd really like to start on that.

I've been 'out of it' for so long, my list is long!

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I have three UFO's that are long over due to get done. I really want to concentrate on those. But first, I need to make a cover for my new Kindle!


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I have a lot of tops that were done this year and now need to be quilted. That will be my main focus. If I get an itch to try something new, I plan to try some new patterns and/or techniques but do only small projects. I'm hoping this will keep me going when I'm bored with quilting those tops. The actual quilting is my least favorite part of my favorite hobby.

I hope we all manage to stay on track in 2012. Looking forward to seeing Sharon's 'goals of the month' posts....hope she is able to continue it.
I am also hoping that there is a challenge started...if so, I MAY try it.... I sure enjoyed looking at all the entries in the 'Black And White And_________All Over' and the 'Pretty In Pink' challenges.


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The only thing that I know I have planned is hand quilting the "Sylvia" quilt. My DD is sandwiching it for me and I hope to start on that by the first of the year. I would like to work on some of my scraps and see what becomes of those. I would like to put some "order" to my sewing room. LOL. I don't set goals, too discouraging when I don't make them.

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I want to get back to the hand applique BOM I started 2 years ago. And I think I'll have a wedding quilt to make this year for a friend. A couple UFOs I want to finish. And a table runner to go with my new vintage dishware.

I don't have anything big on the list though, like I did in 2010, or a bunch of smaller quilts like I did this year. Nothing with a major deadline!


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Geraldine, I sure plan to continue the monthly goal posts as that's about the only way I can remember what it is I'm supposed to be doing! LOL

I, too, plan to only make small projects of any new pattern or technique this year as I really want to get more UFO tops sandwiched and quilted. I also want to get more blocks that I have put together for tops. And then, there are those patterns that need a few more blocks made in order to make the set complete.....sigh.

At this point, the only deadline is sometime in March or April......I think. *grin*


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Yikes! I'm still trying to finish December 2011! I'm close - but not done yet - almost - and I started a new quilt in between visits over Christmas before finishing the 2 presents I have to give on Friday. I really want to get the new quilt finished & sent asap for a person going thru Chemo.

I am hoping to refocus in January, but I know I want to get back to the BOM-PP I started in 2010-I pulled it out today and looked at it - I was trying to rob some of the fabric for the comfort quilt.

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I have to make a baby quilt for our grandson who will be born in March. I also want to make the "Serendipity" quilts on the Moda bake shop. I bought fabrics for these quilts but haven't started them yet. I did get the quilts for Christmas finished for our party on Wednesday.
Linda OH

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I have fabric for three quilts; I got the pieces for one all cut today. I also have hand-dyed fabric for a table runner that I bought a couple of months ago. I'm starting to go into withdrawal though. We are leaving for three weeks in Hawaii in mid-January, and I won't have a sewing machine available. I did buy some African embroidery kits that I hope will keep me occupied. And I have to finish knitting a sweater for my daughter that I started about three years ago.

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I'm currently at that awful stage--between quilts. In the coming months, I need to make a baby quilt; still haven't finalized the design. In 2012, I hope to make a "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler" and a "Shakespeare in the Park". I have the patterns and material for both. I have also committed to making an auction quilt for a breast cancer fundraiser in October.

My other major goal for 2012: learn to use the digitizing software for my embroidery machine!

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Wanda - I'm glad you reminded me about Shakespeare in the Park! That's the big quilt I want to make this year, but I still haven't decided on colors.
Also the 1970s t-shirt quilt.
And the batik Log Cabin.

Can I take back what I said in my earlier post about not having anything big on the list?


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Speaking of the T-shirt quilt--I saw one the other day that was done as a rag quilt.. Hadn't seen that done before but it was interesting.

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Hmm, is it time for 2012 already? Yikes! Yesterday, (26th) I put on the final binding to my DS�s Christmas quilt that I presented to him on the 25th�we joked that it was a "Rent A Gift" until I actually got the binding on. The reason the binding was delayed was my left shoulder went out. It just could not take the weight of the machine quilting progress and it rebelled! That sucker was 58x88 with a flannel backing!
But on to the topic of 2012: I always start out a new year with 3 little donation baby quilts. This year I want to do a CW quilt for my history buff DH. Then, I want to complete one UFO a month. I am dedicated to that!
I wish you all the very best in our intensions for 2012!


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I'm pretty close to starting the year off with a blank slate. My quilts don't usually get started with a plan. I'll make a lotto block or some such other diversion and before you know it, I have ten of them and then just figure......might as well finish it.

I am cutting the ragging around a blue jeans quilt onto which I put the 3-D pinwheels. Should finish the snipping tonight and hopefully take it to a laundromat tomorrow to wash it and run it through THEIR dryer. LOL. It's for my g'son's steady gal, whom I just think the world of. I didn't get it done for Christmas and kept quiet so it would be a surprise so the poor little thing thinks 'mamoose' didn't get her anything. Mamoose is what my almost 2yo youngest g'son calls me. I found out after Googling it, that it really does mean something. It's a term for the big Kahuna in aboriginal tribes in New Guinea. LOL. Being the matriarch of the family now, it makes me feel self-important. He used to call me Mammy. Now he can't decide and has thrown in g'ma too.
I'm almost done hand-quilting a UFO in progress for two years. When it's done I have NO UFOS! I haven't decided on what's next. I have two in mind if I don't get started on yet another quilt by accident.

One is a totally wool quilt. I've had the wools for years, fine suiting for the back and heavy coat for the top. Also want to do a flannel quilt out of my Daddy's old flannel shirts. It'll be just for me when I get to missing his hugs too much. He's been gone for eighteen years now and I still have those shirts.

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Hi everyone, I haven't posted here before, but have been lurking for awhile. Just a bit about myself, although I started sewing when I was very young, I haven't really done much for years. I started my first quilt a table top and matching wallhanging about 25 year ago. I finally completed the wallhanging six years ago. So I'm really a newbie when it comes to quilting.

This year I would like to finish a wallhanging I started last March, a baby quilt and a tree skirt. Not a very ambitious list, but everything takes me longer to do since I am not that experienced. I would also like to buy a new machine that I could quilt on and do some fancy stitches with. At this point I'm thinking I would like to make a velvet or satin crazy quilt tree skirt.

I do appreciate all I am learning from reading your posts (and then looking terms, etc up on the web.) LOL


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I want to do Shakespeare in the Park too! There are too many on my list!

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I've just started an applique baby quilt for a great niece that is expected in May. I did a quilit for her big sister when she was born, so it's exciting to continue the tradition. I've finished the design and done the tracings...so now I need cut out the freezer paper and get each block kit made up. Then the fun begins...the stitching!

I also am working on a few other quilts - an altered version of Baltimore Halloween...a red and green applique quilt....a Christmas quilt...and I'd like to do a new wall hanging too...there's not enough hours in the day!

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Well I just bought a jellyroll for the first time, so I guess I will be doing something with it. My LQS was having 30% off everything tax revolt sale. The UFO's aren't going anywhere :).

I have been gathering fabrics for Shakespeare in the Park for about a year now. Mine will be blue batiks. Been wanting to do that one for a few years now.

Bev, welcome to our little quilting guild! Don't be shy, we love questions and pictures of your finished work! It is good to start off small and easy for the gratification and accomplishment of finishing a project.


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My projects for this coming year are to finish hand quilting my nieces quilt (only a few years late on that one) and to machine quilt 2 quilt tops that have been waiting.
I also plan on making a sampler using the Eleanor Burns Victory Quilts book--Have any of you worked from that book yet?
And then there's the Bali Pop strips that I'm still deciding what to do with...
Oh, and I can't forget the cute purse pattern and fabric that I bought last spring...
Should be a fun year!

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I have several UFOs I want to finish especially my daughter's Irish Chain quilt she was suppose to get on her wedding day (October 29, 2011). I have several tops that need to be quilted as well. I have joined the Birthday Block again this year and will start that in February. I gave my sister a bag of fabric to choose for the quilt I've been promising her. So that will be the only "new" quilt I plan to start. But I know I will venture away from the UFOs and start at least another quilt top or two...

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I have too many UFOs so guess I'll just start something new. I'll start with some shopping - I'm the one with more fabric than my house will hold - and pretend that I need to find fabric for some new plan. That's what happens when I start watching those darn quilting shows again. I go berserk. Maybe if I just start the birthday blocks ahead of time that will satisfy my creative hunger.

Welcome to Bev. We're all a little nutty now and then but love each other warts and all. You'll learn a lot just by stopping by now and then. Hope we don't warp you somehow.

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Thanks for the welcome! You said you like pictures, as I do, so here are the two pieces I have done so far. This is the table topper that I actually used years ago...you can see the rust stain from the lamp...but I now have it as a wallhanging.

This is the matching wallhanging that I never completed until a few years ago.

Also forgot, I made a bunch of blocks from quilt pieces my grandmother had cut out, which included fabrics that I had sewn from as a teenager. The blocks are rectangle and I put them together before I knew anything about quilting, so there are no sashing pieces, which would have made it look a lot better. However, I love all the memories so hope to finish the quilt this year as well.

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I have 6 babies due between Feb. 29th & April 15th and I need to make quilts for each baby. My daughter graduates from HS in May and she wants me to make throw quilts for several of her friends along with a throw for her and a queen size one for her new place. I also have to finish a twin/throw for my sister at Easter....

I have started one of the baby quilts and ordered material for 2 of the throws... :)

Wish me luck - I am going to need it!

Bev - I really like your second wall hanging - nice job!

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I'm working on a Jacob's Ladder quilt for dh right now and then a star quilt for me. After that we'll just have to wait and see! I have a whole list of quilts i want to make.

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