arizonaroseMay 10, 2007

OMG...this is the slowest moving board. I understand that being retired you slow down but gee..

this board is a waste of time for me to post here...

does anyone ever come here? how often?

i'm just so frustrated...can't get any advice or answers to my questions...

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It is a slow board. I really don't know why. I thought there would be a lot of life choices that would be interesting to hear about. I am a "not by choice" retiree. My position with the State of Washington was eliminated and nobody wants an aging environmental educator. My husband will work for another 5 - 7 years. He is 60 now. Our big decision will be our choice of where to live. We love where we are now and when my husband completes some renovations, our house will be perfect for aging in. We live within walking distance of one of the finest senior citizen centers in the country. Our grandchildren and other relatives are 15 minutes to 2 hours away. The only reason we would leave here is for my health. I have fibromyalgia and diabetes and feel much better in a drier climate - but I don't know if that is worth moving for. I have a great friend who lives right across the street and is always up for any adventure. How great is that? We also live in walking distance of stores, parks, and a transportation center where we can catch a bus to take us wherever we want to go. soooo I don't know what we'll do. I have a good friend who recently moved to Tucson and she loves it. My daughter is planning an early retirement in Tucson also.

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Hi devorah,

It sounds like you have a blessed life! We aren't retired yet, but it won't be long & we can't wait. It sounds like you have your plans pretty much in order. That is so nice, as we know lots of people our age who have no plans or dreams for retirement. That seems sad to me. We want to travel quite a bit if it's possible with the price of gas now.

After I read my *nevermind* post I realized how curt it sounded..wish there was a delete for posts like that. I don't post often but peruse the boards frequently for info, and just enjoy reading most of them.

I especially enjoyed your post...thanks for the reply & hope you have a long & enjoyable retirement!

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arizona rose,

I don't remember your posting much here, and I not only visit here frequently but have a reputation for replying fairly often, if I feel that I have anything relevant to offer.

You may have noted my having given seniors here a bit of a poke in the ribs on occasion about their lack of talkativity on this forum.

One possibility may be that it's included under "Financial" designation, so many may feel that contributions are to along that line, but several have said to let's discuss whatever issue related to seniors that we wish, since this is the only forum related to that isssue on this site.

Shoot your questions - just maybe they'll get answered.

KT's a great place for not only a number but a variety of responses.

ole joyful

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Hi ole joyful!

No, I've never posted here . Just thought it would be an appropriate forum for my Hartford Ins. question.

My forum of choice has been the Buying & Selling homes..we've been involved in alot of Realestate transactions in the last couple of yrs, and I got hooked on that board!

I'll check out the KT place when I have more time. I've heard it referred to quite a bit so it must be a lively place.

Maybe I will be coming back here too...since my hubby is retiring in about 5 months. Or, maybe with him around I'll be too!
take care...bye for now...

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KT moves fast! It's the one forum I worry a bit about, in case I post something and someone comments and it's on the second or third page by the time I come back. Unlike my other favourite website there is nothing to click on here to show a list of your recent posts so you don't lose track of anything. Anyway, apart from the dizzying pace it's a great forum.

DH plans to retire this year. I'm feeling a little unprepared. So I think I'll be visiting here more often.

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Not having a husband to retire ...

... I may have little to offer in that regard.

However, having been more or less retired for a few years myself, I may have learned a few things. Having kept eyes and ears more or less open, that is.

Does your hubbies have some interests, hobbies, friends (apart from work, or, if work-related, who have retired, as well)? (I'm referring to the two or three of you, here - not just one, of course).

I'd suggest that he do some thinking along the line of the things that he may want to do, then.

I've told a story somewhere around here (sorry, don't remember the title of the thread) about the guy who retired one day, and next morning had some problems with breakfast.

Seems that the wife had retired, also.

There's some self-preservation in having him develop a number of interests, that'll get him out of the house ...

... or you'll find that what you thought was "your house" ain't yours, any more!

Think how overjoyed you'd be to have a little lap-dog following you around ...

... but this one has a voice, "You know, dear, if you were to do that chore this way, I think that it would be easier/more efficient/take less time ...."

How long do you think that you could put up with that ... before pushing the dust-mop down his throat (or putting it into his hands, saying, "How about showing me how it should be done, *dear*?".

Good wishes for planning ahead.

ole joyful

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Here it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hubby's morning after retirement

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There's been some talk over on the Organising forum about getting rid of old college textbooks. We'd finally been making some progress with that, but now DH is talking about how he's looking forward to reading the ones that are left. That's not what I had in mind!

I would have said DH is actually very house-trained but there was a little problem with the new oven last week. I said I don't think that's a good idea and he did it anyway, DS said don't do it and he did it again. I won't say any more, it's actually been very upsetting, and I've been seeking way too much solace in chocolate.

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To arizonarose:

In order to get replies to a post, you must first post a reasonable question. Look at your first post on May 10, 2007. It is full of complaints, but the reader doesn't get a clue about any question that you had, or if you were looking to start a conversation. Such posts as this are often ignored.

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No response...I guess arizonarose is doing the ignoring now. LOL

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To jemdandy :

My post was in regard to the class action lawsuit post just previous to the may 10,2007 post. Funny, but I got more replies to my post of may 10th *full of complaints* then I got to the previous post with the questions. So...maybe posts such as that are not often ignored.

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Hi crystal153,

Nope, I'm not ignoring. I've been on vacation for almost a month.

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