Will my retirement benefits go down?

heidihoMay 17, 2011

Two years ago my husband and I took early retirement. I was 64 and he was 62. I receive my retirement benefits plus partial of his. When he turns 65 next year will they take away the partial payment of his retirement away from me?

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It's impossible for anyone to answer your question. The appropriate contact would be whoever administers your husband's retirement benefit, presumably the company HR dept. or pension fund administrators.

It almost sounds as if you are talking about the spousal SocSec benefit, but that can't be accurate because SocSec wouldn't pay you a spousal benefit AND your own SocSec benefit - it's one or the other, but I don't think you can collect both.

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This is not true, When you file to collect if it is before full retirement age you will collect your own or a portion, less than 50% if you are not FRA, of his or a combination if your own is less than the percentage of his then they will pay you your own first plus enough of his to make up the difference.
However if he started collecting early at 62 that will permanently reduce the amount you will get as well.
But the answer to the OP's question is no your payment will not be reduced.

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If you're confused, go to any Social Security office (or call for an appointment at 1 800 772 1213) and ask the representative to explain the calculations. I worked for Social Security for 31 years and never saw a benefit check "go down" because there are only increases after benefits start getting paid. 1. If you continue working (even part-time) and paying SS retirement taxes, every year you get an automatic "recalculation" to see if it's a "high year" that will raise your checks and 2. There are Cost of Living raises every January , though our Congress has not granted one in at least the last couple of years. These COLAS are supposed to account for inflation. And don't get me started on "there's no inflation". Oh, one more thing, your check will go down roughly $100 at age 65 for the Medicare Part B premium. But definitely take Medicare A and B. Even if you're in perfect health. You can "delay" taking Medicare B if you or your spouse are working and have equal or better Health INsurance thru your or spouse's job.

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