Flickering lights

jockewingJanuary 12, 2010

A couple of months ago, I noticed the lights in my kitchen fixtures, the pantry, and back porch flicker. There is an incandescent chandelier in the b-fast nook, a fluorescent fixture in the kitchen and pantry, and regular outdoor incandescent on the porch and floodlights off the back of the porch. Sometimes they flicker intermittently the whole time they're on, sometimes they don't flicker at all.

I do notice that sometimes the fluorescent fixture will get much brighter than normal and the flickering stops. I am wondering if there is something wrong with the ballast in the fluorescent causing all the problems, but the flickering happens even when the fluorescent is turned off.

Any ideas on how to even start figuring out this problem. Would like to try to fix on my own first.

Also, my house is about 9 years old, and soon after I moved in, the plugs on the front and back porch and the light above the master bathtub quit working. Have never gotten this fixed as I really never use that light or those outlets. Kind of embarassing, I know. Any thoughts? Never had any other electrical problems to speak of.

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Post this in the Electrical Forum, it's very active there.

When the light gets brighter without flickering is there an electric dryer or electric stove/cooktop operating?

For the nonoperating lights look for a GFCI in the garage or other unlikely place.

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It would probably be well worth the cost to have an electrician inspect your entire house.

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Lights getting brighter is a symptom of a loose neutral connection on you main supply. It could be in your panel, in the meter base or the POCO connections at the weather head or pole transformer.

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Get a licensed, reputable electrician in to trouble shoot your problem and make the fix. Well worth the money for a pro, especially when it comes to electrical.

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If it is a loose neutral using a high wattage 120 volt device should make it more obvious. A 240 volt device should have little effect since it doesn't use a neutral.

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I discovered why my front outside lights were flickering, 5 of them.
All on the same switch were affected by a broken or loose glow wire inside one of the lightbulbs. Problem solved.

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