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Helen_MIMay 25, 2003

I emailed Helen and she answered me and when I wrote again I got the email back. Has anyone heard from her? I know her husband passed away not long ago. Was wondering if she was alright?

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Did you mean Betty? If so, I think that she was going to go down and stay a while with a son.


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Yes, I meant Betty of the Villages.......duh!!

Thanks for the info PB.

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This is Betty!
I have not been on my computer for a while. I have been visiting my son in Ocala, Florida. I still have my home in The Villages, but am moving close to my son. I have been remodeling an old house about 2 blocks from him...:-)
In two weeks I will be moving in the house. Then I will be cleaning the house in The Villages to get ready to sell.
I miss my husband and wish he could be here with me (in person). He would like this old house. I know he is with me in spirit PTL.
I will soon be on my computer more. I will be getting a new service provider. Can anyone tell me how to change my email address here on this forum. I can't seem to find my profile.
I am doing well considering my loss and my age and doing all that I have been doing lately. But keeping busy has helped. But...then after I am settled I know I will be so lonely without my mate of 59 years :-(
But, God has been good to me. My children are just great and such a help. Life must go on, but sometimes I wonder why.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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Betty - it is so good to see your post. Oh how you must miss your dear husband and you are right - life goes on. I know you will love your new home near your son. Please post and let us know how you are doing.

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I'm sad that you have lost your loved one.

I'm sure that you'll be a little sad to be leaving The Villages, for you seemed to like it so much and have a number of friends, there.

My old farmer uncle lost his second wife (of nearly 40 years) just over a year ago and he, in mid-80's, still keeping cattle in barn. No children from either marriage (and his sister, my stepmother, only other one in their family, had only one daughter, our newly-minted only sister when our parents married) so I stayed with him for a couple of months after, as his back, hip, leg in poor condition - didn't want him lying in a snowbank by the barn.

He's feeling lonely, also - I went to visit last Thursday when that major power outage hit us.

He was pleased that my brother, visiting here from the Prairies recently, visited him.

There are things that one can do even at advanced age, Betty, to bring a ray of sunshine, a kind word or a thoughtful remembrance into the lives of friends - even strangers.

Perhaps a local agency that deals with seniors would put you in touch with some and you could form a telephone chain to call one to one through the chain every morning, possibly also evening, to ensure that everyone in good shape.

Good wishes - and God keep you,

joyful guy

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Betty, have you already decided on the new ISP? I have, out of Inverness Florida. You get unlimited for $14.95, and the service is wonderful. Real people answer the phone and are polite and helpful.

Elaine from Fflorida

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