Granite caulk

macvirtualasstJanuary 9, 2013

Hi All,

We have had our granite countertops about a year, and the caulk where the counter meets the backsplash, shows the caulk pulling away. This is mostly in our master bath and I am wondering if it is from humidity. Is this normal? My granite installer told me that this is not covered by warranty but the price to re caulk does not seem to bad. Is there any way to make the new caulk job we are going to get last longer than a year?

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So you're going to tease us with the "price does not seem that bad" estimate without some actual numbers and linear foot of the problem? Now we're curious. Are we talking like $75-100 or so, or some other figure?

Anyway, now that the settling is done (maybe the shims got compressed, etc.), the new caulk should last much longer. Good luck.

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What type of "caulk" are they using?

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Hi Everyone,

It's clear caulk, at least that is what it looks like, and they said about $75 per room. We have 3 rooms, one a tiny bathroom.

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Clear is not what I meant. I meant what type of caulk, as in the material?

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Debbi Branka

Ours is doing this too, horribly. I don't know what material the caulk is, but our tile guy got it where he go the grout at. It's caulk, but it looks like grout - it's kind of gritty and matches. He redid it once, shortly after install, but then a year or so later, it's horrible again. I haven't called him. Love the look of it, when it was new, but now it looks bad.

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I had new countertops installed two years ago. I had to re-caulk a year later and now, another year later it's looking like I need to do it again on the perimeter of the room (exterior wall). I'm hoping that's it. The brand I'm using is Laticrete. If I have to do it again in another year I might switch brands.

With my old countertops the caulk was still looking good after 12+ years but I don't know what brand they used at that time.

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I have no idea what brand of caulk, I would never have thought to ask. Good question.

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Not even brand what type? Acrylic Latex, Silicone, Butyl?

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