craftsman garage door opener help please!!

frustrateddJanuary 4, 2009

hi everyone. i've had this garage door opener for a few years now and recently one of the remotes stopped working for one of the doors on my garage out of no where! i thought it was a problem with the battery so i switched it with another remote but no response. i noticed that the green LED button that opens the garage is blinking constantly. that button works, but the remote for the door doesn't work. i cant seem to find the instructions manual either. help is appreciated!

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Sounds like someone inadvertently switched you into "vacation" mode which disables the remotes but permits operation from the wall button. This mode is indicated by a blinking light oin the wall pad. There should be another small button with a lock symbol near it on the wall pad. Push and hold this button for a few seconds. When released, the LED should no longer be blinking and your remote should work.

Good luck.

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thanks you're the greatest !

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