Pics heavy Sno~Globe & Crab 9Patch Pizazz Quilts

magothyrivergirlDecember 11, 2011

They are finally finished! You must be sick of hearing about them as well:) They will be sent this week.

My brother - who is insanely jealous that I made quilts for my sister's grandkids - told me about an hour ago, that he will be putting in his order for me to make a Graduation quilt for his daughter - the Sno~Globe quilt is for her!!!!

The Crab quilt is for his family. He still has and uses a huge fake fur bedspread I made for him when we were teenagers! And he tells me all the time that I need to replace it now that I quilt! They are going to be so surprised!

Our weather hasn't been great for pictures - windy and overcast - these are the best I could get.

The backing - the black is what I fussy cut the sno~globes out of:

9 Patch Pizazz Crab Feast

I quilted crabs freehand

The back is newsprint of vintage car ads - one of these my brother owned.

We serve our crabs on newspaper, so the entire quilt represents our traditional Blue crabbing industry and crab feasts.

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They look great! And congratulations on getting them finished. I wish I could get something finished...


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Those are great. What a wonderful surprise for him. Can I put in an order for a snowglobe???


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They are great and original and how wonderful that your brothe desires your quilts that is a plus in itself !!!

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He will be so surprised and happy with what you have done. You have to be excited to learn his reaction. Nice work and very clever use of fabric. Great job. TFS

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How clever and creative. What a beautiful job quilting. Did you draw the crabs and then free motion over your drawings?

Both quilts are beautiful. Fantastic job! Lois

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Nice job Marsha! I love the back on the snow globe quilt - it is like another quilt! They will love them. I am sure you must feel good about having them finished.


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Fantastic! Really like both of them but the Snow! Be sure to post and let us know your brother's reaction when he and his daughter get their quilts....

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Your brother is about to get a wonderful Christmas surprise. I would also love to hear about his reaction. Good job, great sister!

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I am so happy for you! I know it feels great to have both quilts done AND going to people who will appreciate them and cherish them.

I echo the earlier statements: beautiful quilts and a great use of fabric!

Now I need to make a snowglobe quilt!


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Thank you all ~ I have to admit, I am excited about their reactions. I Have been sending my niece a Sno~Globe for every occasion since she was a baby. She will be 17. She has so many, they bought her a Curio Cabinet to display her collection. Our family tradition is to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve - mine is always the gift. They probably tell my sister her gift is the gift & call her as well :). She is expecting 1 Sno~Globe as usual. The box will be the same size. It will most definitely be a surprise. She is pure girly teenager - I know she will treasure this forever!
The crab quilt- my Brother had Chesapeake Bay Blue crabs air shipped for my SIL's birthday after I emailed him a simple picture of our crab catch and dinner. They have been gone so long....they were picking their crabs on a table cloth, with the plates and settings like it was a regular dinner! All of us....emailed back "What's with the plates?" When I saw this fabric - it has Blue crabs - and red crabs(they turn red after steaming) and all the equipment associated with our crabs - even the fake Old Bay seasoning --I had to get it for them. I paid too much....waited over a year to cut into, wanting it to be the right choice.
I am very please and excited!
He is my younger brother-his memory of me is always sewing.
And he will appreciate and love this quilt like no one else. Yes-I know these gifts are the best ones I am giving.

The back of the Sno~Globe Quilt reminds me of "Hollywood Squares". LOL - Anyone remember that game show?
Thank you all for looking.

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I love them!! You put so much thought n love into them I know they will love them :)

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They are both wonderful! Congratulations on finishing them!


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Marsha, Great work on the quilts. You've done an excellent job of putting the interests of the receivers, plus memories, into the quilts. I can feel the excitement coming through your posts about giving the quilts and knowing they'll be loved.

SharonG/FL (another snow globe lover)

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They are both wonderful quilts Marsha. What a great job you did picking out just the right fabrics. You must be so excited to see their reaction.

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I lived in Baltimore for almost 7 years and after reading your comments I am pining for crabs!!! Yes, cooked with lots of Old Bay and tossed on paper for picking. Mmmmmm......


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Marsha, I love them - especially the snow globe one. I especially love the meanings behind each quilt. Now, I just have to ask, you seriously free-handed the crabs? How do you have that much control? The stitches and lines are perfect! Are you an artist? Do you doodle crabs? Great Job!

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Wow!! I love it when a gift can be so unique for the person receiving it. Please let us know their reactions when they see them. Your crab quilting is awesome, too!! You must be busting waiting for their reactions, I would be :-)


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I am definitely not an artist! I quilt with a 9" throat regular Pfaff on a frame. I practice-practice-practice!
I have very limited space, in the room, as well as the available quilting space inside the arm of the machine.
I cannot seem to follow a template or markings, but I can learn to stitch a motif freehand like the crab. I've had to teach myself, so I read alot, and watch You Tube for tips and hints.

Robbi-I think your machine is similar to the one I use-if I recall.(I may be wrong)

Again, thanks for sharing my enthusiasm. The pictures of your quilts all of you have shared here on this forum is the bug that bit me and gave me inspiration to learn how to quilt.

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I love your quilts. I especially love the free-handed crabs on the Crab Feast quilt, that's really cool!!! Learning how to free-hand on quilts is something that I aspire to do, but so far have done mostly structural seams and stenciling when I quilt all 3 layers together. I love this forum and seeing everyone's quilts. Thank you for sharing your quilts with us!

Best to you,

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Those are wonderful, Marsha. I'm so glad to see the finished snow-globe. You did a great job on both. I know they'll be cherished.


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It's wonderful when you can make a quilt that will be cherished by the receiver and a surprise to top it off as well! Fantastic effort and well done.


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