any info on Lake Greenwood or Savannah Lakes?

mar_ciaMay 6, 2006

These are places in South Carolina we are looking at for retirement. We have looked at them and they have big pros and everything. Just wanted to hear from anyone who knows anything at all about these areas. Any information at all might help us with our decision. Thanks Marcia

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Are you from the South? I can't imagine a Northerner moving to the deep South and being accepted. Politically correct or's reality.

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We just bought a place in aiken, SC which we love. People are wonderful. However we just visited Savanahh Lakes and fell in love with it. The lake and central location are a big win - but growth is still going on there if you crave some of the urban life. I haven't been to Lake Greewood.
I think it depends on what you are looking for and can afford.

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Thanks Crystal for your concern. We lived in Florida for 23 years before I came back north to care for elderly parents. I love the south. I have no concerns such as you speak of. And, Sportsmom, I really appreciate your thoughts about Aiken. We might consider that area. Yes, we have decided to look again more seriously at Savannah is really nice. It is interesting to hear your reaction to it. All thoughts are helpful. Marcia

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Crystal153, sorry but I dare say Northerners are as well accepted in the South as we are in the north. It depends on the people, not from where they come.

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