Installing a new door knob - question!

stretchadJanuary 28, 2009

Trying to get my house ready for listing at the end of February. The current front door knob is worn out, finish is gone, etc. A shiny new brass knob and bolt would look great.

If I have a door knob to the garage that uses the same key as the front door, would I need to replace BOTH door knobs and locks and key both to match a new key? Or, can I install a new one on the front door, and key it to match the garage door key?

Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks!!

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Stay with the same brand. Take the key with you when you buy the new door knob, and they can change the lock to match the key.

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The existing key cylinder can probably be put into the new lock set if you stay with the same brand.

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I've bought 4 homes and each of them has had a different key for the front and back doors. I wouldn't even bother rekeying the new lock.

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Home Depot and Lowes will rekey for a very small charge if you buy from them.

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A locksmith will re-key an actual lock cylinder, new or old, to any compatible existing or new key. I love having matching locks, but whether it's worth doing to a house you're selling is, indeed a questionable proposition though unless you'd prefer it that way.

I had my locks in my house re-keyed the same, but different if you know what I mean, you don't know how many old keys to your house are out there.

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