Saving big bucks when managing the home gets just too much ...

joyfulguyMay 25, 2007

... is sometimes arranged by moving to an apartment/condo, for a time, which often results in a modest saving.

But when one feels that carrying the full load of managing a home is getting to be too much, there may be a possibility worth considerinng, of having several seniors live together.

That way, there are fewer chores for each to maintain the place, there's some mental stimulation in talking to others (even if it's just arguing over moving that chair 6" to the left).

In that case, having a jolly person checking the crew frequently may often be helpful, for she can often hear everyone's complaint and get them calmed down and mollified somewhat.

Another advantage is that there is someone at hand to call in case one has a spell, falls down, etc.

And if, due to medical problems, surgery, etc,, one or two members aren't able to carry their full share for a while, no one is going to get their shirt-tails tied into a knot, and it can avoid having that person go into an expensive after-hospital care facility, if it isn't possible for them to stay with a relative, friend for a while until they can manae on their own again.

One thing to avoid is having one or two or several move into one person's (large) home ... for that person will feel that this is her place ... and she's the boss.

Better to have democratic management.

Even if such an arrangement might only last half of a year, for some of the "inmates" ... that's still a big saving over the cost of moving directly into a residential home.

For some, such an arrangement might be worthwhile for an extended period.

And as one person leaves, it may be that someone else is availablefor folks to welcome.

ole joyful

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Sounds good, curious does Canada have assisted living houses etc. Here is Minot they have a lot and most are real great. They can either rent or buy one, cook or be served etc, lots of activities, including transportation to medical dr's and to the Mall, to the Casino, etc

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Not sure, Marie, but I haven't heard of them.

We have a number of retirement homed, with 24-hour staff, but they are rather expensive.

Dad lived in a senoioors' facility where he had a small apt., could later move to a room and walk to dining room, then to a room where the staff delivered meals.

It was a subsidized situation, I think - in Regina, Sask.

ole joyful

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they are missing you on the Kitchen Table!!

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