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K8OrlandoDecember 7, 2011

Quilt University looks like it has a lot to offer, but I've never signed up for a class. I would love to hear from anyone who has. Was it worthwhile? Can you download or save the materials for later study, or access them again once you've taken the class?



Here is a link that might be useful: Quilt University

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I took a class and it was great. Each lesson came up and I saved a copy to my computer and finished at my own speed. I know they expected you to post progress pictures but I didn't and no one noticed. I have the lessons to look back on whenever I need refresher.

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A question within a question (hope you don't mind, Kate).

What classes have you taken at Quilt University and what did you like or dislike?

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I've thought about taking a class also. Glad to know you can save the information. They have several interesting classes.

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My class was on using EQ7 and the applique design feature.

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I have taken quite a few classes at QU and I like it very much. Yes, I thought it was extremely worthwhile. All of the classes that I took were really great - instructors did an excellent job of explaining and answering questions. I posted lots of pictures and got good feedback. I liked the flexibility it afforded me (not sitting in a classroom all day on a Saturday) and I liked the fact that if I didn't have the same question as another student I could just not read the discussion on that topic, it didn't "waste" my class time. I thought the price was well worth it.

Yes, you can save the lessons to your computer to refer back to at any time.

The classes that I've taken... let me see
designing your studio
landscape quilting
hawaiian quilting
combing through your scraps
flower power
and I know a few others but I can't think of them right now.

I really liked all of my classes. Susan Brittingham is a particularly good instructor as is Nancy Chong (great for applique). The only class I didn't love was combing through your scraps. It doesn't look like that is offered anymore. Part of the reason I didn't like it was my mistake - I took it when I was starting out quilting and I didn't have a big stash so I had to go out and buy lots of fabric to have a stash to comb through! I had one major question that I wanted answered that had to do with rotary cutting and the instructor couldn't understand what I was asking no matter how hard I tried to describe my issue. Luckily, another student understood my question and explained what I was doing wrong and solved my problem for me - so ultimately it was successful.

I would encourage you to take a class. I also think it would be fun to take a class "with" other friends from this forum.


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Another QU fan here! I've taken classes from 4 teachers, and found them all great. They are really into it...they answer questions quickly and are all very helpful and encouraging. My most recent class was the T shirt quilt class, which was the first time they offered it. I'm signed up for the floral applique class starting Jan 13.

I've referred back to the class instructions several times for other projects.

Definitely worth the money!


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Flower Power is the class I most want to take. Also interested in the Hawaiian Quilting to improve my hand applique skills. And since I started looking at landscape quilts, the Mermaid Jacket is pretty appealing too. The prices seem very reasonable! Now, if I only had the time.


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Kate, I had never done needleturn applique until I took Nancy's Hawaiian quilting class at QU. Now I really love doing it and do it a lot! I even appliqued a few leaves on the guild's donation quilt this year.

Nancy's a great teacher and her class photos and instructions are really good.


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Thanks, Donna! I think QU is going on my Christmas list.

Santa, are you listening?!?

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You get out of the classes what you put in!! You (me) must set aside time to take the class, no one says anything to you if you don't do the work or fall behind. Which can be good or bad lol!!!

I also am a fan of QU. You 'go' at your own pace and I have watch students start the class in the middle and really never finish, but they still have the materials to refer back to. IMO, that is a waste of money, but it's their money lol!!!!

The class material stays up for, I think, about 2 weeks after the class.

The last one I took was an EQ7 Sampler and I was very pleased. I was not off to a good start by my self and the class really helped. I had enough material to make a small reference book.

I was only disappointed with one class and only because it had too MUCH info for me to keep up with. It was very hands on and I took it at a busy time of the year (for me!).

I still want to take the next EQ7 class (Fran is wonderful!) and the Hawaiian applique sounds like fun.

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Great info & answers from this group as usual!
When you refer to EQ7 class - are you talking about the software?
Are you learning the software in conjunction with the technique? And you have to have the EQ7 program? Just want to understand.

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Marsha, the EQ classes are to teach you how to use the EQ software, which you purchase on your own. I took an EQ6 class several years ago and it was helpful in learning how to use it.

QU offers several levels of classes for EQ - some beginner, some to learn the drawing tools, etc.


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