Gaps between counter-top & wall - how to fill?

janralixJanuary 2, 2012

I have gaps ranging from 0" to 5/8" along one 8' run of kitchen counter-top - some, obviously, too big to fill with caulk.

Any suggestions on other filler/trim to install before finally caulking?

Counter-top is Formica.


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Hi You may want to try quarter round moulding.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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How about doing the install correctly from the beginning and scribing the counter to fit the wall?

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5/8" is pretty big but what I have done takes a bit of finesse; With a 6" taping knife partially fill the gap with compound and taper out, build that up a couple times then use a wider knife and keep tapering out. If you taper out far enough(10" or 12") the gap will be closed and the taper should be barely visible. Then paint and caulk.

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No can do on the "doing it correctly from the beginning" thing, unless there's a time machine that will transport me back 36 years.

I think the compounding solution is a little beyond my expertise, but thanks nonetheless.

I think the quarter round suggestion is more my speed. I may even cut it down to as small a piece that will work, attach it with some adhesive, then caulk and paint.


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Try a backsplash with a top trim scribed to the wall (like a 1" thick bullnose shelf that projects about 1/2").

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