The Hartford Ins. Co. class action law suit

arizonaroseMay 8, 2007

Have any of you been involved in the class action law suit against Hartford Ins. Co.? My hubby filled out some forms awhile back, and today he got a letter saying the law suit has been settled & he just needs to sign & return a form & he will receive from $150.00 to $250.00 depending on which class he's in.

I searched on the internet, and did find some info on this, so I guess it's real...not a hoax or something.

Anyone here receive anything about this? One website said there were about 700 thousand people involved.

In this day & age I tend to be suspicious of stuff like this, so hope I hear from someone who has more info on this.


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A number of years ago I had a loan with Colonial bank. It was supposed to be 8% fixed, for the life of the loan.

Advanta purchased Colonial and promptly raised my interest rate to 26%.

I contacted the Federal Office of the Comptroller to complain. They asked if I had proof. I did. They investigated and a class action suit was filed.

After a period of time (6 months?) I received a check for $120.00.

Since you are dealing with an insurance company (and not a bank), you might try contacting your State insurance regulator/commissioner to see what information they might have.

When my MIL passed, her auto insurer refused to give her estate a refund on the three months of the policy that were left unused. She normally prepaid 6 months ahead. She passed three months into the policy, so we contacted the State Division of Insurance and they helped get the money back.

I found the contact numbers in a book. "Free Legal Help" by Matthew Lesko
It should be available at the library.

Or, post again and I'll provide them from my copy.

Hope this helps!

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Hi dreamgarden, thanks for your reply. Looking at some of the paperwork concerning this lawsuit it says the deadline for returning the form was June 28th. I guess if it's the real deal it will take a few months after that date. We'll be moving again in a few weeks, so I don't know if we'll get a check. ( with the mail forwarding etc...)

I have a number for the Hartford claims I can contact them.

Thanks for offering the phone #'s.. I'll call this one and see what's going on. It's really not a huge amount of money, I was mostly wondering if anyone else was involved in it and how it turned out for them.

Thanks again, and if I we get a check I'll post a follow up.

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I need any contact information for the lawfirm that filed the lawsuit aganist The Hartford Ins. Co. Please reply if you can help me.

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Hi alabamajama,

The only correspondence I have concerning the lawsuit is from The US district court of Oregon. The contact number I have is for the Harford Ins claims dept. Have you tried going to
Sorry I can't be of more help.

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I received a claim form back in may filled it out and mailed it back. checks are suppose to be mailed out on aug 27th. each check will be 250.00 but out of that 250 the lawyers take their percentage which takes the checks down to 150.00 no checks will be less then 150.00.

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rileygirl, that's great...but how did you find out?

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I did these form's also.
They said money was already in a account, but I still haven't seen any.

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I emailed the class counsel to asked about when the checks were being mailed, she wrote back with my claim number and told me the check was mailed aug 27th in the amount of 174.69. not bad for just signing my name on a claim form.
of course my husband keeps telling me don't spend it til you get it. lol

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rileygirl, great! Do you happen to have the e-mail address of the class counsel? I'd like to check & see what kind of info I can get.

Hope you get your check soon! Post back & let us know if you ever receive one.

A few months back I filled out paperwork for a class action suit against sprint. I totally forgot about it and last week I got a $20.00 calling card in the mail. It was the, hopefully this lawsuit will come through too.

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here is the email to ask questions about the settlement you can go to the hartford web sight for answers too, I received my check today and it was more then I thought it was going to be it was $174.64.
I already cashed it, I'll be going to atlantic city casino this weekend so easy come easy go. lol

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Hey rileygirl...guess what? I got my check today!! same as yours $174.64. I was thrilled. Thanks for all the info you gave me for contact. I debating or mall...I think the mall is the wisest choice!! Enjoy your jaunt in Atlantic City!! Good Luck!

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