A simple path to financial freedom/early retirement

joyfulguyMay 4, 2007

I just posted a message with that title over on "Household Finance".

Everyone has a business: dollars are your employees.

Spend them - they work for you once.

First cost on every paycheque? Pay yourself first - put some into a savings account.

Build an emergency fund of 6 mos. income (though I don't always have it).

Learn to live on the rest.

Learn how to manage money, your employees skilfully.

Enjoy financial freedom ... maybe finance further education ... probably retire early - one guy told of doing it at 34 (and wrote a "How to ..." book)! Want one?

ole joyful

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Hi Ole Joyful!

I would love to get a copy of this book, or any help offered. I am in my mid 30s, husband late 40s. Hubby has been 100% disabled for years, therefore, I am the worker.

We have a nice house, child, dogs, cars, and want to secure it all for the future. In my job field, there is no 401K, or anything offered, unless you work for a corporation. So, I have a money market savings acct that I add money every so often. I also have a policy, should anything happen to me.
This way, I know the house will be paid for, plus extra cost of living.

I would LOVE to spend one weekend with retired people who have made it, but only with the same conditions as I am in. I need to know if I'm doing everything right, to protect our future. I think we all need a mentor in our life.

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bluoasis---you should start a Roth IRA.

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