Any Winter Texans out there?

TrisMay 16, 2002

We have been retired about ten years now and have always gone to Texas. The weather is good ,living is reasonable and bezt of all they like having you down there. I was just wondering if anyone else is a Winter Texan?

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We live here year round now! Use to go North When it got hot! We still have winter Texans stay with us and help out in exchange for a place to park their RV. Glad you like Texas.

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We have property ready and waiting in florida but to be honest...our Texas longings seem to be taking over.....we were very eager to move to FL but the closer it get, the more we talk about going back home to TX......

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Hi Ruhie Where is your home in Texas? We go to alamo down in the valley.I have never been to Florida but would like to go at least once. Tris

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