Medicare Supplements

prisMay 15, 2008

Hi All!

I'm getting ready to retire and am shopping for supplemental insurance to Medicare. How did you select what you have and how well does it cover your needs. Frankly the gal on the phone lost me when she got to "donut Hole". I haven't yet spoken to SS about Part B & D so I quess some info on your experience with that would be appreciated also.



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I knew that my mom didn't pay any medical costs, none at all and I wanted what she had. it was BC&BS and I got the next to the best policy. The best covered over seas travel and I wish I had gotten it. I never pay anything except the monthly premium.

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Thanks a lot stargazer. I was leaning in that direction already because I'm covered right now by BC/BS through my employers plan. Is the overseas part of the plan the only reason you would have chosen the best plan? I'm not much of a traveler. The furtherest I may travel would be an Alaskan cruise, which I am very much interested in.

Again, Thanks.

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yes and now I find I need that part. LOL

I am leaving on an Alaskan Cruise next month. One week land tour and a week cruise. I also have 3 more cruises planned for 2009, one is for 27 days.

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