What would you do with it?

ritaweedaDecember 26, 2013

OK, I had made this scrap quilt, mostly tans, beiges and light blues, the top didn't look too bad although it wasn't one of my favorites. (I'm really drawn to lively colors right now.) Anyways, the top came out just right, no major flaws, colors in it sort of make it look vintage. Well, I was in a hurry and not ready to spend lots of money on it, so I went to Wally World and bought the low-loft poly cheap batting and I sewed a pieced backing to save money. What a HUGE mistake that batting was. I started doing a simple Serpentine Stitch channel quilting on it, did a few lines then looked on the back - that batting caused such horrible puckers on the back it looked like I quilted it stone drunk. Since I had resolved that I was not going to pick stitches out I just continued, it was so bad and so wonky that I had to cut some of the ends off because it had caused the backing to be so crooked for all the BAD, BAD puckers. Now what do I do with it? I actually bit the bullet and finished it and bound it (stitched down both sides on the machine, which I never do.) I mean the top still looks decent but the back - OMG.

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You could donate it to an animal shelter for their dog crates.. they'd love to have something like that.

I, myself, probably couldn't allow it to be donated to a people charity...

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Tough call. It probably would have ended up a UFO. If you make sort of pocket back to it you could use it for a comforter cover?

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Tough call. It probably would have ended up a UFO. If you make sort of pocket back to it you could use it for a comforter cover?

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How big is it? Could you fold it in half and sew the edges together? Would it be too thick? Could use it on the floor to lay on?


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I agree with Jennifer -- the SPCA or a local rescue group would love to have it for lining their grates -- Greyhound Rescue for instance -- The dogs won't care about the puckers -- and Greyhounds need the cushion --- my rescued Greyhound was the doggie love of my life :)
Turn this bad experience into something positive and donate it to a special group who would benefit from your OOPS!

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The only problem I have with giving it to animal shelters is that it has poly batting in it, and knowing how my dog is about white fluffy stuff, I'd be afraid some dog would chew it out and swallow it. We have to watch our dog like a hawk on that.
Maybe I'll carry it in the car trunk and see if I run across a need for it somewhere. I could never donate it for human charity unless I ran across some poor homeless person that was freezing and probably sleeping out in the open.

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Rita I think there would be plenty of children (and mothers) that would love to have the quilt to use as a picnic or just a play quilt.

The schools here have nap time, sit on the floor for story time and they would love it! also the church nurseries.

It's still a great charity quilt IMO! Good for you for finishing it! I'm so bad about just shoving things like that in a closet lol!

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Use it for an outdoor picnic quilt once things warm up this spring. With a picnic quilt no one is going to care what the bottom of the quilt looks like, ... it's gonna' be on the ground. Hope that is a helpful idea. Have a Happy New Year.

Best to you,

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Donate it. Someone will love and be happy to get that quilt, four legs or not. Than move on to something else.

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Disgusting, isn't it? I know that you know the back is wonky. Who really looks at the back of quilts when they are on a bed? If you have a spare bedroom, plop it on there and look at the front of it. Nobody needs to know the back of it but you. ;-) Speaking of backing from Wally world......I normally use warm and natura and only venture to poly batting for a specific reason. I don't shop at that store, but maybe once or twice a year, and then to pick up something for somebody else. However, I happened to need some batting for a small quilt I was giving to somebody else's child, was there and grabbed the cheapest roll they had. I would bet it was the same kind. It was not sized properly, thick in some places, thin in others. However, I evened it out as best I could and proceded to machine quilt it. I have to say it machined nicely, and the back is one of the nicest jobs I've turned out. I did run sample through, since it was a loft and a material I wasn't used to working with, but after adjusting my tensions, and stitch sizes, it worked up nicely.

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I'm proud of you for finishing it! I might not have. I recently looked at some of my first quilts and laughed at the mistakes I made. You might keep it near to keep you humble to show the progress you have made. That's what I'm doing with mine.

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Calliope - what's weird is, I'm pretty sure I had used this same kind of batting at least once before and although it certainly didn't work up like Quilter's Dream, it came out pretty well. This time, I couldn't believe what was going on back there. And the top looks fine. I wonder if the fabric I used to piece the back had something wrong with it?? This was some fabric that was given to me, it was all kinds of polka-dots in different colors, nothing I would care to use for a top so that's why I chose it for the backing. For all of you who said they commend me for even finishing it, there is one thing that I despise and that's a UFO lurking in the back of the closet, that's why I bit the bullet and finished it. So instead of a UFO stashed away, there is a butt-ugly finished quilt stashed away.

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