Panama: the best place to retire

panamaretiredMay 2, 2007

If you are thinking where is the best place to retire, Panama is the best place to do it. I will post here some of my experiences living in this country. If you are interested in know more information let me know.

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Panama is only one of many places to retire. But medical might be an issue as Medicare may not be accepted as some other insurance plans.

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Please post about Panama. Sounds interesting.

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so.......what is it you particularly like about Panama? Is it inexpensive to live there? Do you speak fluent Spanish? Is there a community of retired Americans? Do you feel that the Panamanians are glad or resentful to have you settle there?

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I for one would never move to a foreign land. I love my country and I have everything I need right here without having to worry about foreigners resenting me 'cause I'm American.

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Dear friends,

Sorry for my late answer, i was enjoying some days at a beautiful place called bocas del toro here in panama.

I want to make some comments about your postings.


Yes is inexpensive to live here. To get cars, apartment or anything is really inexpensive. I bought my condo in 150k. To get properties in the mountain or the caribbean is cheap too. When i came here my first time i made contact with a local company called Management 507, that is a property management service company, they helped me a lot with anything that i need.

I do not speak fluent spanish yet, but is not a problem. Almost the 75% of the places here speak fluent english. and spanish is not so hard to learn(i have 68 years old).

Is true as crystal153 says some people would never move outside US, but there is people like me that moving outside is not a problem. I found here a really good medical programs.

The point here is for somebody that knows about the hard part of be retired, taxes, etc Panama is the right place to go. Im not the only one that say so ;)

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Why do I suspect that English is not your first language?

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Rivkadr: LOL!

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sounds interesting, my kind of weather. but how about safety?? if something happens do they round up the americans and hold us hostage?? do they really hate americans???? thats always kept me from leaving this country. if i could feel safe there, i`d be there, instead of fla. still have 4 yrs til i retire, target is fla, but i would be willing to look elsewhere, as long as its hot.

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For those who think that english is not my first language, you are right. I was born in germany, and lived all my live in germany. I dont think is a reason to make fun.


Safety is not a problem, is a common way of thinking that people hate americans or any kind of forigner, but so far i havent seen that here. bill if you are really interested in get more information from here please contact me by mail to:

I will help you to get more information.

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Panama, I don't think anyone was making fun of you - just asking.

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