post-construction cleaning

nikitOctober 20, 2010

We are coming to the end of an addition and renovation. Our house is older, so there may have been lead in the old paint, and I have a toddler. If I would like to have the house cleaned after the work is done, should I hire a cleaner that specializes in post-construction cleaning? I'm having trouble finding one. We're in the DC area, and any recommendations would be great. Thanks!

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I am not sure I understand your question. It is normally the job of the contractor to clean up after the job is completed or to hire some one to do it for him/her.

Now, presuming there are parts of the home not involved in the remodel,there are methods used to determine if your home has lead based paint. IF it does, it can be very, very expensive to have it removed. This includes removal of possible lead contiminated dust. It requires workers with special disposable suits, respirators and closed system vacums. They will cordon off the area with plastic sheets.

Just to continue with the wonderful news, if you had old drywall removed, the old drywall compound contained asbestos. Good luck.

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Look for companies that specialize in cleaning/repair after a fire/flood. Those companies should be able to effectively remove any left over dust/debris.

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in the meantime. Swiffer the walls. It works great.

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Swifter the walls with possible lead and asbestor dust?

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