Active Adult Communities?

nelles_gwMay 25, 2004

Does anyone here live in, or know someone who lives in an active adult community?

My DH & I will be retiring next year & will be building a home in an adult community located in Central Florida. We currently live in the Boston area.

Does anyone have any thoughts and/or opinions of these types of communities?

Thanks in advance,


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My brother and sister-in-law live in Sun City Grand in Arizona. There are dozens of clubs and activities to choose from. They are allowed to drive their golf cart on any street that is under 35 mph. They say they will never leave. My husband and I were put off by the 3 inch thick rule book. We aren't comfortable with that many restrictions. On the other hand my brother loves knowing that his neighbors have to meet certain standards because it holds up property values.

I think that moving into a community of your peers has some real advantages. Everyone you meet is a potential friend. What I don't like is that at least in my mind it has a bit of a kindergarten atmosphere.

One piece of advice that my brother gave me that I thought was really smart was to not buy an existing home in a development, but buy new instead because that way your neighbors will be your age and you won't find yourself in a sea of people who are 20 - 30 years older than you.

My husband and I are looking at property near a major university so that there will be a lot going on that we can participate in. The downside is that we will be a pair of geezers in a sea of young people. I am one who likes to be in the thick of activity. I am currently going to graduate school where even the teacher is close to 30 years younger than me

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Kindergarten, huh?

For folks in their second childhood??

Around here, with the discussion that's been going on about saving energy, some have been complaining about the restriction in a number of developments that won't allow clotheslines in back-yards, yet.


What is it about, " ... the land of the free ..."?

Yeah, right.

Some say that, before you put down serious roots in a community that's new to you, that it's a good doea to move there and rent for a ear, to find out what the place is really like, before you make such a serious commitment as buying a home.

ole joyful (just an old crab, it seems)

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Is there any adult communties in the state you live in now--nearer your friends. I personally would not want to live in a restricted adult community, especially if you have friends/relatives with children that love to visit. There are many adult only communities, that are very nice also

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I have been renting a duplex in an active adult community for the last three years. I like it because it is quiet and very secure. I am 63, still working and about 20 years younger than my neighbors. I have a new neighbor of 6 months who is now one of my best friends even though she is 19 years older. We like the same music and like a lot of the same activities. I like having 3 heated year-round swimming pools, a village market, my bank and a post office close by. A couple of years ago I took Italian lessons here. Always something going on.

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We just moved into one. I had major reservations believe me, but I really love it. I still work, but wish I didn't because there is something going on here all the time.
Exercise classes, day trips, weekend trips, clubs every activity you can imagine. We have a full time social director. Pools, fitness centers it is all here. Its a beautiful community and the people are fun and friendly

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that sounds great. I like it when there is never a dull moment. I miss the interchange of ideas and activities. Have a great time!!

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We recently moved into an active adult lifestyle that is still being built. Of 100+ homes to be built, we're around the 35th. We love it! All of our neighbors are wonderful and we are all enjoying the "good life". We're working hard as a community to get our clubhouse going with fun activities. Although we are 55 and 57 and had planned on working until 58 and 60, we have decided to retire early next year to enjoy our new surrounding and because we want to do some traveling and decided that we are healthy now, so why not?

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I know that feeling. I do not believe in putting off the things you love. After seeing older people (my age now) drop one by one right after retirement without fulfilling their travel dreams. I told DH, we are not going to wait, we are traveling now while in good health and can enjoy it. We took the girls with us and we all had great times, seeing many countries and states. Certainly, no regrets here. Now DH is having health problems and I have had my share for the past 12 years, so I am glad I planted my feet firmly on that one.

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We are in an Active Adult Community - mostly seniors, but it is great here. We can have family and friends visit all they want, and they stay over for a month or two if we wish them to. It is well-maintained, and there is so much to do here. We have a great neighborhood watch program, and what is nice there are folks our age who like to do the same things. We lived in a regular neighborhood before and moved here because as the homes were selling, all the younger folks were moving in and it got to be there was hardly anyone our age left on the street. At this community, we have parties, all kinds of games, meetings to discuss any problems if there are any, breakfasts, holiday get-togethers, etc. I feel we have it all here and love it. by the way, we are in upstate New York. Other than the winter, the seasons are just lovely. Many folks stay here and some go south. For us it has been great.

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We don't live in an adult community but friends of ours do. While they love their house, they said they would never do it again because of all the politics.

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I live in Southern California but about a month ago I visited The Villages in Central Florida. What a great place, it has everything you could ever want in a retirement community. Every person I met was exceptionally nice. I'd move there in a second but my wife won't leave California. I could sell my current house for 800,000 and we could buy something pretty nice for 300K and have another 500k savings. Oh well.

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I think Betty -who posted here often - was at the Villages in Florida. Maybe if she is listening she can add something to the posts.

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This "community" doesn't seem too "active" ...

... just a dozen postings in a few days shy of a year and a half.

ole joyful

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Check out Viliving by Hyatt- they have a lot of good options if you are looking for a really active adult commuity.

Here is a link that might be useful: Active Senior Community

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O.J., and the last poster (just above me) posted a link the same day she joined GardenWeb. Maybe a sales job?

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Hi all,

I am writing behalf of my parents as they are planning to move to the United States and they have just retired.
I am very interested in campus-like communities combining both services and living. Sun City alongside with Del Webb's and Aston Gardens' communities has caught my interest. However, I would be more interested in a smaller and a more youthful community. And by youthful, I mean a lower average age. In addition, I would like to have services close, preferably within walking distance. Besides basic services like grocery stores and restaurants, I am also interested in housekeeping, wellness, beauty and health services.
I would be more than happy, if you could name a few communities which would match my preferences. Here are some further specifications. I hope they will clarify what I am looking for.
o Population preferably below 500 - 2000 people (Significantly lower population than in Sun City for example)
o Average age of residents should be between 40 - 70 (Aston Gardens at Sun City Center and at Tampa Bay had an average age of 80+. So, at least lower than that)
o Wellness services (massages, treatments etc.)
o Beauty services (barber, manicure etc.)
o Grocery store, restaurant and cafe nearby (preferably within walking distance)
o Social spaces where I can meet friends and other residents
o Preferably from the area of Florida (e.g. Tampa, I am visiting Tampa at the beginning of June) but other states and cities will also apply
o Availability to purchase housekeeping, janitor/handyman and laundry services (I would like to know whether there are places where I could purchase service packages which would include all services I need)
Would you happen to know any good forums in the internet where I could also ask for advice regarding community living?
I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,
Jukke Malvalehto

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There are many different types of senior communities in the US. Pretty much at all price levels, too.

You are NOT going to find many people below 50 in ANY senior community setup. Americans are rarely able to take early retirement, and those who do tend to remain in their personal residences and hire at-home help.

I suggest you investigate CCRCs - Continuing Care Retirement Communities. They have 3 levels of service, and different financial pkgs to choose how to manage care. Again, no 'one size fits all' - every facility is different. In cities, high-rise CCRCs are popular - easier to manage the in-house services. The one we are looking at in Northern CA is a premier, first class facility with great amenities. However, housekeeping and laundry services are almost always left up to the individual. It isn't difficult to hire those kinds of services. All CCRCs have their own janitorial/handyman services. I would think that active adult communities either have the same, or can refer residents to preferred vendors.

Wellness/alternative medical services are widely available in any major city. There are always a few practitioners who are willing to come out to your residence.

We are looking the CCRC route because we have no interest in golf, tennis, or the usual senior activities. We don't play bridge or poker, loathe bingo, don't drink or gamble, don't swim. So the adult communities we've seen don't appeal to us. Instead, the urban CCRC lifestyle seems to fit us better.

So you'll want to decide what you enjoy doing, and work it out from there. I participate in several retirement forums, and none of them are particularly helpful regarding community living. Outside of the Del Webb-type community, Boomers are just beginning to retire, and most are still working. Therefore, there is little 'first-hand' experience and no collaborative resources forum to access.

Most people concentrate on selecting a city/state first, then go from there. There are serious tax considerations to decide when comparing one state to another.

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