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PeaBee4May 8, 2003

Believe it or not, the Pharmaceutical companies are actually doing something for Medicare enrollees. I know it is to head off the chance of the government insisting on reduction of prices, but shoot, it's going to help,

They have gotten together and formed a plan that greatly reduces the cost of a lot of drugs usually used by the Medicare Crowd. My pharmacist told me about it this morning. She is allerting all her Medicare customers.

When I say "reduces" I mean I will get on Rx that is costing me 118.00 for only 15.00. There are about 150 drugs covered. And your doctor may be willing to change you to one of them.

You have to meet certain requirments.

1. be on Medicare

2. have no other drug insurance, private or public

3. earn no more that 38,000 for a couple or 28,000 for a single. ( it's more if you live in Alaska or Hawaii)

Go to to enroll or get more information. Look at the complete list of drugs covered.

Or dial 1-800-865-7211 and ask for information on the Patient Assistance Program.


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Just posting to move this on down.

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Hi PeaBee4,

Did you say that drug cos. have hearts, after all?

"Wonders will never cease", as Dad used to say when something quite unexpected turned up.

Good wishes to all,

joyful guy

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Bumping this up, important for everyone, thanks for the info!

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All of this recent fuss about quite a few U.S. people getting their prescription drugs at much lower cost in Canada, including having them shipped from Canadian suppliers or coming by the carload, even busload from nearby U.S. states ...

... is going to mean that soon Canadians are going to be paying more for their drugs, you can bet.

The drug companies, of whom there are not a large number, are not going to allow this situation to continue untended.

There's a major move afoot in Canada to place really heavy restrictions on homeopathic materials, as well.

Can't have others horning in on turf that we've staked out for ourselves, now, can we?

Good wishes to all for not needing much of the pharmaceutical manufacturers' stuff.

Good wishes to you and yours,

joyful guy

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I work in an elderly highrise as a social worker and have many of my residents signed up for FREE meds thru It is well worth checking out and applying.

Here is a link that might be useful: No-cost prescription drugs.

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Thanks for letting us know, PeaBee. I'll certainly tell my parents. They may be interested in checking into it.

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