goldyMay 30, 2006

You know with prices going up and my pension the same(retired 10 years ago)I'm thinking of relocating to Mexico.There is nothing to keep me here.Do you know of anyone who moved and stayed ?The pictures are so beautiful and the literature so inviteing I just might pull up roots and spend the rest of my days learning Spanish,

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Owning property there is very iffy. The government can sieze property at will. There aren't any protections, regardless of what you may be told.

Health care isn't anything close to what it is here. I would investigate very thoroughly before making any rash decisions. Mexico is a third world country, which most people here just don't get.

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I only know of friends of friends who have retired to Mexico, so I only have second hand information. This is what I have been told: While it is true that one must be cautious, as in any business dealing, it is safe and legal to buy in coastal cities. The medical care, including dentistry is perfectly good.

The library has books on this subject.

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I've looked into retiring in Costa Rica, but not Mexico. There are a number of books on the subject, but you may just want to take a few extended vacations down there once you've figured out which area looks the best.

I also just heard on the radio today on Neal Boortz that the government just signed a "tax cut" bill that increases the taxes for Americans living out of the country. I have not verified it. If it is true don't you just love our politicians?

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Medicare will not pay outside the US so get good insurance and check if it will pay. A lot will not. As to property ownership--all depends on the government. It can and will change whenever the locals feel like it. I feel there are the same type of retirment here--if you look for it.

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You can't own land in Mexico. It is leased to foreigners only, so you need to be careful about fraud and title problems. Costa Rica has a large US emigre population, so prices are going up rapidly but they have good services as long as you pay the necessary little bribes that are just an everyday part of life down there.

I believe the increase in taxes is for Americans who are employed by multi-national corporations overseas, and receiving extra benefits that are paid by the company but not officially part of their stated salary, such as housing allowances, etc.

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I've just read some interesting facts about retiring to Panama. An article from an Ohio newspaper got me started looking into this

Here is a link that might be useful: Retire in Panama

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Fortunately, you can own land in CR. In fact, I just purchased some there in August. I've been visiting there for years (my wife is Costa Rican), and have made an abundance of contacts to assist me in retiring there. I am thinking about conducting tours for retirees, and soon to be retirees, showing them areas that they can relocate to and live on a minimum budget. What do you guys think of this idea?

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I did live in Mexico, I disagree that the land can be taken at will. Foreigners can own coastal land in a trust. Other land can be owned outright, none of it is leased.
Coastal land is expensive, if you expect "Mexican prices" you will be shocked. There are large gringo communities, most in GDL area of Lake Chapala, personally I don't care for that area, but many love it. Really, in that area Spanish is not necessary, but nice.
I do not believe medical care is very good, great for small stuff, but the big stuff I'd return to the USA. Make some trips to the area, coastal areas beyond TJ area get very hot in the summer.

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