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johnnyrazbrixJanuary 19, 2011

More insulation /ice dam questions .

I have a 2 story brick home in zone 5. The upstairs has insulation in both the lower floor attic ceilings .The upstairs runs the length , from gable end to gable end.The ceiling and walls ( sloping )are insulated . The attic roof itself is not. The attic ceiling has r 36 pink blown in insulation on both sides of the living space upstairs.Should the roof also be insulated?My heating bills are not bad.The ice daming is my biggest concern.

Also is a fan near a gable end vent of any benefit.Please no spam just help from experienced homeowners or contractors Thanks Johnny

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You insulate the ceilings (below the attic) and vent the attic, or seal the attic and insulate the roof line. You don't insulate both. The trouble with blown-in insulation is that it allows air to leak through if you have holes in the envelope around the living space. These leaks can be from anything in your ceiling, fans, lights, vents,.... They can also be in holes drilled to run electrical cables from the attic into the walls.

Attic fans are not a good idea. They sometimes lower attic temperatures at the expense of drawing cool air from the above-mentioned leaks. Your attic should have sufficient venting so it does not need a fan.

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Thank you very much.This gives me a good place to start. I will check out all possible leaks . Johnny

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I just went up in the attic and found the north side of the roof is damp. Some of the items I have stored up there are also wet. The attic floor is not wet, so I don't think the roof is leaking. I am guessing this is from condensation?

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