fixing a bathroom doorknob apparatus

cindiw2January 1, 2009

Hi. I'm having trouble fixing my bathroom doorknob & lock, because I (stupidly) removed the handle & then the cylinder thing that snaps into the side doorsill. (Probably not using the right terms) I got another lock, thinking I'd like the looks of that better. But then I see that the cylinder (the thing that goes on the side of the door, not the doorknob) doesn't fit because the hole is slightly smaller than the new cylinder. Can I get the cylinder in a different size that presumably fits?

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You can drill out the old hole to fit the new latch assembly(that is the cylinder thing).

What you probably have is an older door handle assembly and those were smaller than the newer styles on todays markets.

Just in case you might have more to do later, there are door latch drilling kits at home improvement stores---for about $20 that have the correct size hole saws(look like really big hollow drill bits) and a jig so you can drill out the old holes with very little problem. All you will need plus the kit is an electric drill.

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Also compare the old and new backset (distance from center of knob to the edge of the door) before drilling out for a larger cylinder.

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