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craiglandmanJanuary 1, 2009

Hi Guys,

I am hoping that someone may have a suggestion to my problem. I have a Craftsman GDO Model 139.18803. The problem is that when the door closes it reopens, since the GDO believes it has 2-3 more inches to go and is being stopped. In the manual (p.28) it shows that there should be Limit Adjustment Screws on the left side of the Panel. The Left side of my panel has not adjustment screws, however the right side has "holes" for adjustment screws but no adjustment screws. I opened the housing and on the inside, it does not appear that there is anything that a screw driver could adjust.

The metal bracket on the chain the grabs the garage door clamp, wants to travel 2-3 inches further than it has in the past 8 yrs since I have owned the house. How can I adjust the GDO so that it understands the door is closed and is not being blocked and does not need to go back up?

Any ideas?



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Those two holes you refer to on the side of your opener are to adjust the 'down limit' and the 'up limit'. Inside these holes are nylon shafts with screwdriver slots in the end. Use a small screwdriver and turn the 'down limit' a couple complete turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. You will probably have to tweak this adjustment some.

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