Fill in dryer vent hole

baw24January 6, 2012

We want to move the dryer vent in our basement, but we're not sure how to fill in the hole that it is going through now.

We want to move it because they layout is terrible, the dryer is on the right side of the breaker panel and the vent is on the left side of the breaker panel. So it has to go either underneath or above the panel, and is also probably 4-5ft away from the dryer. Obviously we want to move it.

How do we go about filling in the hole? It's a block wall, probably 4 inches in diameter. Thanks for your help!

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Are you worried about the aesthetics of the exterior of the wall? I'd leave the existing vent hood in place. There's often a short length of pipe attached to those hoods, just fill the cavity with spray foam to keep out air and insects.

If possible, position the new vent so that it's at the same height as the old one.

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