Waterstone samples at last

Holly- KayApril 12, 2013

The samples from Waterstone finally came in! All I can say is gorgeous. I thought for sure once I saw them the decision would be simple but no such luck. I was able to quickly narrow the field to eight finishes and I narrowed that field down by two. I have chosen three living finishes and three coated finishes and honestly they are all so lovely that I am just stymied. The living finishes I like are oil rubbed bronze, caribbean bronze, and antique bronze. The clear coat finishes are antique pewter, american bronze, and antique copper. The finishes with the clear coat appear to be more durable but I think a living finish may be better as there is no top coat to potentially erode or become scratched.

I am going to sleep on it and I sure hope I can narrow it down again in the morning.

A bit of good news is that we can buy directly from the supply house as one of our businesses has an account there!

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Congrats!!! Tough choices. Have you determined your knobs/pulls yet? Perhaps that selection can help you narrow down which finish to pick.

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Holly- Kay

Mgo, I don't think I can go wrong with any of them actually. Even the brass ones that I thought I didn't care for in my kitchen actually look lovely. I eliminated the antique pewter, antique copper, and oil rubbed bronze. I now have two living finishes and one coated finish. I have narrowed it down to American Bronze (clear coat), Caribbean Bronze, and Antique Bronze, both with a living finish.

I haven't decided on hardware yet. Deciding on hardware makes deciding on a faucet pale in comparison. I can't go wrong no matter what faucet I chose but honestly the only hardware that I can say I love is much more expensive than I am willing to pay. So the search for hardware continues!

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I am so excited for you! Down to 3 choices isn't too bad. I was tempted by the copper finish.
Can't wait to hear what you decide! (and your hardware decision as well! - Did you look at Colonial?)
Welcome to the Waterstone club.

BTW - I was talking with John at Waterstone and I can't remember who said the rubber spray was leaking a bit - if you haven't resolved it, Waterstone wants to hear about it and fix properly. Just give them a call - I worked with John on my minor issue.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you so much A2. I am also very excited! I told DH at dinner this evening that I can't go wrong as all three finishes are lovely. I have been spending all my free time searching for knobs and pulls and I am just not finding that one style that grabs my eye. Our local plumbing supply company carries colonial and I will be going there sometime this week. I also love some of the Schaub hardware.

I love the polished finish that the clear coat gives the American Bronze but darn that Caribbean Bronze and Antique Bronze are equally lovely. The Antique Copper was on my short list too!

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Well maybe it's time to take my DH and GC's advice....... flip a coin :)

Good luck can't wait to hear which one you choose. I'm flip flopping between that darn gorgeous copper sink and the silgranit. I'll be glad when this is done just so I can't change my mind anymore lol.

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Choices can be very problematic, can't they?!! I wish I was as far along as you are. Can't wait to see what you decide.

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Both Schaub and Colonial make nice hardware(mine are Baldwin Brass made in West Reading PA - but they are moving to Mexico :-( Not sure of the time line.
Terri - I felt like flipping a coin many times.

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I love love love my new Waterstone -- there are so many things it can do that I wasn't thinking about when I ordered it. The pull-down motion is a completely natural and smooth one, and makes it so much easier to spray down the sink. I also like how the faucet can be left at a lower, dangling height when I'm washing something short and want less splash. Looking forward to see what you choose!

a2gemini -- I'm the one with the drip. My KD is doing the leg work on getting the new faucet head, but if I don't hear anything in a week or two, I'll call John at WS. (Honestly, it's so minor that I might not have noticed if the GC hadn't mentioned it.)

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Thanks JustMakeIt - Waterstone sent me a new style head while they re-design the current model - The drip was't much but Waterstone wants it perfect. John is looking for your call in case you decide to contact Waterstone. He knows my handle is A2gemini.

I also like how I can just pop it into a pot and it is almost like having a pot filler - granted it is at the California standard for water flow - but it works great.

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