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pandoraMay 21, 2014

I just retired 2 weeks ago. Hubby retired 1 1/2 years ago. So far it is wonderful. I have made several lists about my volunteering, travel, household, family & friends visit, and plain old fun.
So far, I've just eased into it with no particular schedule but 2-3 things to get done in next couple days. I joined 2 book clubs, we went to a convention, walk almost everyday about 2 miles, and lots of catchup honey do type stuff.
My gardens were almost ignored last 3 years.
This is just so great! I am 65 and it's too bad most people cannot retire at 55. I had a lot more energy then. :) But I do see an improvement in just 2 weeks of walking (we are going to get this to at least 3 miles and maybe more). I don't care to be athletic, just better. Hubby is going to buy a bike and go riding with me. No 50 mile races, just fun.
The best part is Sunday night. No more dread of Monday!!!

We have been very lucky and I think we have planned pretty well, so I am really looking forward to see what this new phase of life holds in store.

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Very excited for you! Glad you have a lot of stuff to keep you busy. Sounds like you're going to be in great shape! Enjoy the time!

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Congratulation! As my husband likes to say, "Retirement is wonderful - I should have done it years ago!"

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois

I used to work in an office at a nursing home. When I retired, I took a cue from the residents at the nursing home. Take lots of naps! I do and I don't feel a bit of guilt about it.

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I hope you and your husband enjoy many years of retirement!

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Thanks everyone !!!!
Aklvdb, my hubby is dragging me around so many places, sometimes my muscles are sore. Lol what I get for sitting in front of computers for years.

Jkom51, haha, I told my hubby ... Why didn't we just do this instead of working for 47 years?

Jim, I never used to be able to nap due to guilt. I think that has passed and looking forward to some naps. Maybe on the glider on the screened in porch.

Demifloyd, I sure hope so. Like everyone I know people that have 30 years & some not so much.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois

OK, it has been several weeks. What is your update?

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I ended up retiring completely at 57 the reality has been nothing like my dreams lol. Wanted to sell the house and do a lot of traveling. now hate traveling except by air and even that's become a lot less pleasureable since 9/11
Costs have further squased my dream I developed emphysema so no montain climbing even a flight of stairs is a challenge.. Can't sit upright for more than two hours so no road trips .. Those faraway places with strange sounding names are flipping me the bird lol
I DO enjoy my gardening arguing with the neighbors having no schedule and a host of other things that seem rather pettylol
In 10 I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer but so far it's just been a LOT of trips to doctors . On the last visit to oncologist I got a balloon that shouted "Survivor"
but they wouldn't gibve any candy!!
I guess I have realised my dream I'm making lots of trips to places not so far away BUT doctors have strange sounding names .
I was advised as a young man to not grow old but if you do don't get sick Why didn't I listen?? lol
Good luck with your retirement try to avoid my mistakes !! gary

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I am so sorry to hear your situation. I don't think you made any mistake. No one knows how long we will have health. I wish you the best.

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Thanks for asking. It has been great! I don't miss work one bit. What a silly rat race some companies' have.

My husband bought a bike and I bought a new matching one. Between the frequent rain storms, we walk or bike 5 days a week. Usually split 3&2 or 2&3. We are still at 2.5 miles walking, but quicker about 40 main. We are up to 8 miles round trip on bikes. I love my new bike, it is a comfort, step through type. We plan on mostly paved bike trails, and stay off busy roads.

Visits with friends & family. Veggie garden looks great. Flower beds getting better.

I am so busy and still have afternoons to relax/read, and long lunches on screened porch. We are having a great time. Time is flying by. So far, wow, excellent.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois

The rains during the past week have been a bit much. It is raining again as I do this. This will probably put us over the 7" mark for the month!

The flowers and veggies in my yard are going great guns (three g words in a row). However - young Peter Rabbit has been in the back yard. He is so small and so fast that I cannot do anything about it. So many of my green beans have been nibbled! There is too much lettuce to make a difference. It just irks me!

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For rabbits put up a barrier that is about a foot tall. Unless chased most will not jump the small barrier.

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I will be retiring at the end of August after 38 years in my profession. So looking forward to my time being my own...lots of ideas about what I want to do!

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois

Congratulations on your retirement plans! Lots of ideas are good to have. I wrote mine on paper so that I would stay focused on those and not get too distracted with other things. So far, I am going OK with only a little sliding away.

And, if there is going to be a party, I'll try to make it!


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