Bannister problems

akc_underdogJanuary 4, 2009

I live in a 130+ year old house with a beautiful bannister. The newel post is loose and several of the ballusters on the second floor are loose as well (the ballusters on the stair treads are tight). I cannot locate any type of threaded rod or nut in the basement and the newel post cap seems to be a continuation of the rail. The ballusters are riding about 1/4 inch above the floor and are securely attached to the hand rail.

AM I missing something whith the newel post? HOw can I solve the balluster problem? I have no carpet to hide any repairs as the ballusters rest on the hardwood floors.

I have searched the forum for a solution but was unable to find one. Sorry if this a rehash of another request for help!


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The balusters are riding above the floor because the floor has settled over time. Are all the balusters gapped the same or are the ones at the end have less of a gap? If they all have the same gap you might be able to fabricate a spacer the will fit under the `1/4" space. You could then match the spacer color to either the rails or the floor.
The newel post could be bolted horizontally through the floor joist. You might need to open the ceiling underneath to get to the connection.

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