The KT place??

arizonaroseMay 16, 2007

Hi everyone,

i'm trying to find the KT place. I assumed it meant Kitchen Table....well, can't find it listed in the home forums.

i checked out the kitchen and that's not it. Can someone post a link for me?

Thanks so much!

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You're on That Home Site now, and Kitchen Table is there, also, if you go back to the index. It's down in the middle of the last section.

Or go to (no "www") ... and I hope that you enjoy your stay there.

They're a great bunch of people. And talkative - like you wouldn't believe! Fill 67 pages in (usually) under 2 months!

ole joyful

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Thanks ole joyful...I got it now :-)

It sure seems to move fast...hope i can keep up with it.

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Arizona Rose,

If you're a fast talker ... you should make out O.K. over there.

o j

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