Wow - I just discovered something...

ritaweedaDecember 13, 2011

I may be the only one on this forum who didn't know, but, I discovered this quilting radio show that APQ puts out once a week, and it's online and they have all the old shows archived! They talk to all these designers and quilt shop owners, it's all I can do to keep from sitting and listening all day long! Since I don't belong to a guild or group, it's so interesting to hear all this quilting chatter. I almost hate to come to catching up on all of them, then I will only be able to listen once a week!

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Rita, I knew Pat Sloan was doing a radio show, but really had forgotten about it. I was quilting today, and wished I had something to occupy my brain....TV is distracting....and I can't see it. This is going to be great! Thanks for sharing this. Is the link below the one you go to to listen online?

Here is a link that might be useful: APQ

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I didn't know about this! Thanks for posting about it.

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That doesn't look like the site I go to, but it looks like it has that same broadcast. I go to, sorry, I'm too ignorant to know how to post a link here or I would have. Well, at least I'm happy to know I'm not the only uninformed one!

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I'm with you, I didn't know this either!! I'll be checking this out, thanks!


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