Hole in exterior wall from wood stove flue

gw8920January 29, 2012

I will be removing a wood stove from my lower level. The vent pipe goes through the exterior wall then there is a long exterior flue (round, metal, not enclosed). I'm not replacing the stove.

What do I do about the hole in the exterior wall? Should I keep the exerior flue in place in case someone wants to use it in the future? This solution avoids repairing the exterior siding and the cutout in the roofline, but I can see people scratching their heads as to a non-functional flue. Removing it all means repairing the interior and exterior of the wall. I'm not sure if I need to address the square cutout in the roof overhang. I'm not DIY so would any contractor who knows how to build a wall be able to do this?

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When we move we will be taking our stove with us but because I dont want to disturb our roof, ( we have a rubber membrane roof), we are leaving the diffuser at the ceiling and the triple wall/ vent cap on the roof in place. Whoever buys the place will have the option of installing another stove or removing the upper mechanicals.

If you want yours removed, I would seek out a reputable handyman that has experience in siding repair, carpentry, roof repair as well as painting. Make sure you check them out pertaining to the experience by getting references and referalls from friends, family, co- workers, etc who have had similar projects done and they are satisfied with that persons work. Make sure they are insured and legal!

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