Major Medical 'ONLY' Is It Possible?

hayjud_mnApril 1, 2003

I'm still hoping to come across a Medical insurance that doesn't eat up 1/3 to 1/2 of our monthly income.

Has anyone ever heard of a policy that is Major Medical Only?

Ours has such a high deductible that we will end up paying all our med. expenses out of pocket. I wonder if we could find Major only, and still pay expenses out of pocket. Hopfully the monthly would be at least half the cost of what we have. That way our expenses would be the same, but ins. payments more reasonable.

Is there such a thing?


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What would be your definition of "Major Medical"? I think that there are such and, if I am not mistaken, what it boils down to is that you have to run up a huge hospital bill before it kicks in. If you don't go to the hospital as an inpatient, you don't collect. At least that was the way one plan I looked at a long time ago worked. With all the same-day out patient surgery, etc, it wouldn't be very useful.

This would be the same as having a great big deductable with you paying just about all of your doctor bills.

Decide exactly what you think you would need covered and then get on the phone and call the major insurance lines. Sometimes the smaller independant agencies can steer you in the right direction. they might have exactly what you need.


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I see whatever doctor that I choose (if I can find one willing to take new patients) whenever I have need. Including one general physical exam per year. No arguing about whether someone can pay.

Direct cost to me? Zero.

If I need to see a specialist for a non-urgent problem, frequently there's a waiting period, often substantial. Needed treatment is provided without consideration as to who's to pay.

Direct cost to me? Zero.

When I need urgent hospital care, I get it. No argument about who's to pay.

Direct cost to me? Zero.

If I am willing to accept ward care (usually 4 persons).

Quite a number of people choose to carry medical insurance for semi-private or private rooms, plus a number of other medical costs above basic ones.

When my need is less urgent, I may be required to wait for a time, even though I may suffer some pain, decreased mobility, or other non-debilitating illness which might make my functioning in the workplace difficult, even impossible. As my pension cheque is deposited into my bank account monthly, regardless, inability to function in my workplace is not an issue with me.

When I want non-essential care, e.g. unnecessary cosmetic surgery, such as face-lift, etc. I must pay for that myself. People that meet me can take my face the way it is - or look elsewhere.

I receive drugs in hospital at no cost, but must pay for them when outside (but there is a low cost plan for seniors).

I must pay for ambulance service myself - often about $250.00, I hear.

Many Europeans receive high quality health care - at a much lower percentage of their Gross National Product than we do in Canada, and our health care cost is a much lower percentage of our Gross National Product than in the U.S.

Further, everyone is covered - but in the U.S. something more than 10% have no health care coverage, though most do receive treatment of some kind, I think.

I prefer the bottom line in the health care field to be, "Do you need the care?" rather than "Who's going to pay? We have to have a profit, you know". As well as large advertising budget.

Good wishes to all for high quality health care for all - at reasonable cost.

joyful guy/Ed

P.S. A male friend said a while ago that he didn't like having the doctor stick his finger up his rear end to check out his prostate.

I said - "You think that you have problems - how would you like to be the doctor?"

When he thought of the situation from that viewpoint - he agreed that he had the better part of it.

P.P.S. As we bring resources from many parts of the world, process them and sell them at a profit, it seems only fair that we contribute to increased health care and education in those areas where life is ofen difficult, brutal - and short.

While I am thankful, pleased and proud to be Canadian - it was an accident of birth that made me so, rather than a citizen of a much less fortunate area. So, especially as I consider myself a Christian, I feel that I owe some people there a share in my good fortune.

Not only do I expect that God may have some interesting - and most likely embarrassing - questions to ask me after this realm of living - I find that He/She asks them of me now, as well.

Probably show me a movie of my life as it was - and how much more help I could have been in the world had I been truly Christ-like. A movie that I don't think that I may enjoy seeing. EB

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