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backspaceJanuary 25, 2010

I have a system that has a metal box in my closet and keypads in the entry ways. Not sure what is the problem, may be a bad circuit. Is it possible to find a box that reuse the existing wires and keypads?

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You're not giving much info. Has this system worked for you in the past, or are you trying to get it going. I doubt very much that you need to replace the box. You need an installer to check out the system and maybe trace the circuits. It could be something very trivial, like one bad switch.

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It is working again. I am not sure where to get help on this since this is a older system. It may cost more to repair than to install the new system.

I am considering replacing my windows. I am not even sure if the window installers can reinstall the senors.

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Your holding onto an old alarm for little apparent reason. There are newer technologies to secure your house that do not require window sensors.
Contact an alarm company for what's available.
You'll have a hard time finding a company who'll take over the wiring of another company

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"There are newer technologies to secure your house that do not require window sensors."

Ron, what is now used in place of window sensors? I have wireless window sensors that were installed about 5 years ago. I switched alarm companies (by the way, they were happy to use the existing sensors, motion detectors, and glass brakers). But the company I switched to were also going to offer window sensors.

Appreciate any information you can give on this. Thanks.

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I guess I can glue the sensors outside the window. I just didn't want to have to find an alarm company right away after I replace the windows. I am just trying to save a few bucks.

I just need a alarm to tell me which zone is not secured. So this old alarm will be suffie for me since I don't need it to call my cellphone or the cops.

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