SS & part time work

susie100April 20, 2010

How does this work? If you begin a job, does it affect your benefits right away, or after you reach the $14,160 limit?

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Right away since there are both monthly and yearly limits unless you are over 70.

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Your benefits aren't reduced at all if you're full retirement age.

Here is a link that might be useful: SSA Publication No. 05-10069 - How Work Affects Your Benefits

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Hi Mona,

Thanks for that info. I can't seem to navigate through the SS website and was having concerns about how part time work would affect my benefits.

This job market is making me consider early retirement. I was let go last year at the time of my 61st birthday. Unemployment has helped me make is so far but will run out in August.

I had some addiional money coming in from a retirement account but foolishly used it to start a real estate business that failed thanks to this ugly economy. Now I'm facing living on SS income alone. I'm scared.


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