Stock Trading with Scotttrade

lulie___wayneApril 23, 2003

I just opened an account online with Scottrade. Does anyone else deal with them or have past experience with them? It seems to me the quickest, most convenient and cheapest way to trade. Also, I have heard that Ameritrade is also a good one, although their commission is a little higher.

Lulie Cosby

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Sorry I have no experience with them....I wonder if one of the other forums might get you an answer. There are so many good ones here at THS.

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I have to tell my good news. I bought stock the other day in a small company and made $2,400 in two days for doing NOTHING. I know that playing the stock market is risky, but if you have the time like most of us retired folks, it might be something fun as well as profitable for some of you to look into. I sold some of the stock,got my original money out and keep my profit in, to make more money for me. I kinda like not working and making money while sitting home. :))))


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Careful, Lu ...

...sometimes stocks go up.

Sometimes they go along for quite a long term at about the same level of value.

But ...

... sometimes they go down.

As many have out to their chagrin during the past three years.

One of the big telecom- and internet-based stocks, that many people had made quite a lot of money on over a number of years ...

went from $120. plus per share ....

... to about 69 cents per share.

Now has recovered a little ... to about $4.00 per share.

Go to Yahoo, excite or one of a number of other systems offering a variety of information.

Ask them for "financial" information.

You can enter the name of your stock, then you'll find out the symbol that is used when it is being bought and sold on the market.

You can enter that symbol in a certain place.

That will show you a variety of charts telling what price levels your stock has sold at daily over a number of months, even a few years, recently.

As well as the prices that hundreds of other stocks have been selling for, over a number of months or years.

You'll find that most vary widely, over many years.

Learning how money works is an interesting hobby.

That pays well.

But - you'd best learn what you're doing.

Or you can get hurt.

Best not to play games with volatile stocks, or ones of questionable value, with more than 10% or so of your money - less, if you couldn't lose all of that without interfering with your lifestyle.

Best regards from an investor of nearly 40 years' experience and personal financial advisor for nearly twenty years,

joyful guy

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