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bettystApril 18, 2006

Three years ago my FIL passed away. He did not have a will instead had his son(my husband) and daughter(sister-in-law) listed as joint tendents on all his stock. My husband has tried many times to get his sister to sign papers to remove his dad's name from all the stock...even the lawyer talked to her but she will not do so. He has not spoken to his sister since his father's death. I am worried that the IRS is going to fine both of them for not removing his name and the dividens are paid back into the stock to buy more stock. BUT it is taxable income...see why I am worried!

ANY ideas what to takes both of them to sign to remove his dad's name.

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I'm surprised that the attorney hasn't made any headway. Your SIL should receive a very strongly worded letter that a court action will be necessary if she doesn't comply and that the attorney will ask for and probably be awarded your court costs.

My other thought is that she is perhaps unstable and it is an emotional problem. Is she in denial over the death of her father?

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Did your husband and his sister get along well before this cloud appeared on the horizon?

Does she have some stated reasons for being unwilling?

But then - you wouldn't know, if they haven't talked.

How can joint executors deal with an estate if they aren't talking?

Does she fear that your husband may be about to skin her?


Is there someone familiar with such issues, who knows them both and whom she trusts, who could talk to her?

Such as a priest, rabbi or other clergyperson?

Family doctor, etc.?

I hope that you can find your way out of this dilemma without too much damage.

And without hurt feelings, or long-term anger or resentment, not speaking, etc., along the way.

ole joyful

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ole joyful

I didn't check today but the KT is worried about you!!!

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