Are you quilting this weekend? Dec. 14-15

lindaoh_gwDecember 14, 2013

I almost forgot to post! We are still visiting our DD & SIL with the new baby. I am doing laundry for them today.
I am excited to start working on the 3rd clue of the Celtic Solstice when I get home. I have clue 2 almost done. I still have to finish my Christmas shopping too. We aren't celebrating until the 28 so I have a couple extra days.
Are you quilting this weekend or are you getting ready for the holidays?
Linda OH

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I have spent the entire day trying to pack up boxes for shipping. All our children live out of town and only one family will be here during the holiday week. So that means five boxes to get out. And wouldn't you know I cleaned out the garage this summer and tossed all the boxes piled up out there. Now I have to scrounge to find suitable shipping containers. And my back is giving me major grief. But on the bright side, once they are gone, I can say hell-o to my machine again.

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I worked on Celtic Solstice today. Finished cutting the pieces for part 2 and started on part 3. I don't have enough orange so will have to go shopping. (Darn it! LOL)

We are off to a party soon. Tomorrow I have no plans other than sewing.


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I finished piecing the front of the falling charms yesterday. Today I finished the back and cut the batting out of the new giant roll I bought. Cleaned a bunch of the house including my sewing area, which is in the family room. Once I finish with the Christmas sewing, I'll get everything put away and it will look great. Tomorrow church in the am, party in the pm and I have to make a pie before we go, so no more sewing this weekend.

We got about 4 -5 inches of snow today and it was just lovely coming down all day. So Christmasy.

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We spent the afternoon and evening at DD's where she waited on the Geezer and I had a break from it for awhile. He's getting around better on his own, so it won't be long til he's back to normal. I did get 3 pillowcases up to the French Seam stage before we left and hotdog rolled 6 while at DD's. Hope to get them all sewed tomorrow.

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I hope to finish what is now what I refer to as "the Leddy quilt". All that's left to do is quilt a border seam and the binding. I pray I get it done. Then on to 4 stockings for my daughter and an apron for my SIL. Did I mention I need to finish shopping?
However in spite of all the sewing I need to do, today I'm going with my dear Marine hubby as he plays Gunny Claus for military families at Camp Lejuene, NC 20 miles from our home. This is the first year he has done it and he loves it. Tonight is my first night going. So sewing will have to wait. Gunny Claus has priority tonight.

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Late last night I finished the last of the pincushions. S-I-L is making me embroidery labels this week to go on them. I uploaded a pic of them to GW Quilting Forum just now. Probably all I will get done sewing-wise this weekend. Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Best to you and yours,

Here is a link that might be useful: Pin Cushion Christmas Gifts

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Finally stitched the label on the quilt I finished after all this time. Working on table runners now and feeling glad to be back in the sewing mood.
Trying out a falling charms table runner.

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