Mail Order teeth

minnie_txApril 21, 2003

Did you know that you can order an extra set of teeth by mail order?

I had an ad for this about ten years ago and they sent me the box to mail my plate in and the necessary tags etc. They would make an impression and then send the original teeth back and then make a set from the imprint.

I didn't take advantage of it at the time.

Well, I was looking it up the other day and of course that Co has gone out of business but there are others still around (I saw one in Canada)_ You can make your own impression with the materials they send you or, from what I understand, they also make from your dentures.

I am thinking of getting an extra set made. I did have an extra plate made (by my dentist )before he retired and may get this extra, extra set.

(I have several pair of glasses, why not teeth?)

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Much simpler to take care when you turn to flush the toilet ... be careful not to sneeze!!!

Leth cothtly, too.

Good witheth for a happy week!

ole joyful

P.S. Haven't got my two parthialth, yet.

Tho - chompin with only 8 teeth.

Can't be in a hurry.

Anybody with thome thoup rethipeeth to offer?


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How is your whistle????

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