How to fix wood trim dings and scratches? Pics Added

soonergirl2002January 9, 2009

We just bought a new home and will be moving out of our leased home soon. I want to fix these scratches and dings before we move out. Anyone know how?

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Minwax sells stain pens that youu can use to cover up the scratches. Sold at lowes,home depot walmart etc...

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For the color, Old English furniture polish, buy the version for dark wood (under $5.00, available everywhere). Drops on a rag would mask the damage and you would have the bottle to feed and revive any dark furniture you have.

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You could use a plain old crayon. Another thing I've seen the pro's use and have used myself is shoe polish. From your pictures, I would say brown shoe polish would do it. One of my hobbies is restoring older radios. I use Old English as "gammyt" mentioned and I agree, it does a great job. If you have an area where the wood is dinged and you want to bring the ding back out, use water. Just dab it on, let it dry. If its a deep dent, you may have to do it several times. Do that before applying the color.

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Water is all you need for a ding?

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Yes, because it swells the wood back up and out, though it probably does depend on the individual circumstance.

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Wow! Worth a try before filling one.

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I saw a long time ago on a show that if you take a damp towel and I think they placed it into a dry towel (think envelope) then place a warm iron onto the spot it will steam the area and the dent will be raised. I would double check this or try it on a scrap piece first. It was a long time ago I saw a show on tricks of the trade.

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