Help with solution to drywall ceiling tape failure

cherriJanuary 13, 2009

We had a leak from our roof into our master bathroom ceiling. Of course did not discovery it until it left water marks and the drywall tape had loosened only on one side of the tape about 4-6 inches. We have knocked down ceiling finish so not sure how to repair the loose tape. Don't want to have to cut the piece out if at all possible. Any suggestions on an easier fix? The leak was fixed and the area is completely dry. Thank you for your help.

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If the drywall has not been degraded to the point of replacement, you can just retape the area. Matching the texture will be the challange. It might pay to hire a pro to fix it.

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You may be able to dampen gently with a sponge (just the separated part), then force some compound under it, then skim over top. Alternately, cut it away with a sharp utility blade, then skim. Prime when fully dry. Paint.

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4-6 in. of drywall tape? Brush/vacuum out and loose material. Get some white Elmers glue or wallpapaer touch up glue and glue it back to the ceiling.

That's what I'd try before I got too fancy with a repair.

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Thank you for your replies. I was wondering if I could just go the Elmers glue route. It's a small area and is a hairline looking crack don't think I could get a putty knife in it. Any suggestion on getting adhesive in such a narrow area, don't want to do anymore damage. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try before paying for a pro.

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If you try the Elmer's just get the bottole with the squeeze top and force some glue in the crack.

Alternately if your trying to cover/fill a small crack smear some vinyl spackle material in there.

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Carefully cut the loose tape off and get a small roll of self adhering mesh tape. You'll find it where the drywall finish tapes and compounds are in most hardware stores. Pick up a small bucket of joint compound. After ridding the area of loose material, place some mesh tape over the joint and work in a coat of joint compound using a 3" putty knife, one that has a little flex to it. You can even get an inexpensive plastic one for this repair. Let that dry, carefully sand any bumps and apply a second coat and let dry. Try to lay it on as smooth as possible and feather the edges after applying the mud by wiping the outer edges smooth. Let dry and carefully sand, apply a third coat if necessary. To match the texture, homax has a texture repair kit in a spray can, typically for orange peel textures but you can do a knockdown with it. Spray the texture on and let it sit until a light skin has formed on the texture, take your putty knife and lightly flatten out the texture to match your knockdown. If it doesnt look right, sand smooth and give it another go until you get it where you want it. They also have texture kits that come with pre-mixed texture and a spray bottle. All of this will be found in the drywall sections of most hradware stores. Primer with kilz to eliminate any stains and paint to match.

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You can cut out along the edges of the damaged tape, use a putty knife to remove compound, place new compound down, and imbed new tape. Then finish, prime, and paint. See the link below for more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Retaping Drywall

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Don't bother with glue or other shortcuts. Band aids in this case will cause more distress in the long run. Don't be afraid of this repair, it is not difficult but requires a specific procedure.
Get a good abrasive sand paper and sand the damaged area. Use a mask when sanding and allow dry time at every step in this repair. Make sure you area has plenty of fresh air before you use any toxic washes or materials.
If you had mold/ mildew remove it and kill it with a good chlorine bleach and let it dry before repair.
If the repair is small, less than 3.5 sq feet, Small dry wall kits are common in most modern home/supply/hardware stores. You may need sand paper also. The kits often are available with the tools to do small jobs.
Maybe a 3 on a 1-10 for home repairs.
Patience, repair with dry times may require 24 hours - 48 hours, very few actual work hours spent.
You can add texture needed to match after the initial repair is dried before painting.

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