Going where you want..when you want

Cara_6April 9, 2002

One good thing about retirement is you can go where you want when you want. If we're driving to another state, we check the week's weather conditions (not that it cant change) before going. Flying to tourist attractions; I researched best time to go to avoid crowds, etc. It's always worked out. Tho,now, we no longer wish to be 'flying ' anywhere.

Next month, on our 49th anniversary, we'll be in Bermuda on a cruise. Leaving out of NY; so we'll take a bus or limo to the dock. The last (and only) cruise we took was 20 yrs. ago. (gosh..time flies when you're having fun!) Actually, I'd been down in the dumps lately and felt I had to get away for awhile. I'm a worrier, so hope the cruise turns out well.

Anyone else a 'worrier'?

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Cara, your upcoming trip sounds wonderful. Yes I am a worrier also. It must be because we are both Aquarian. Relax and enjoy your trip and tell us all about it when you get back.

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I've only been to Bermuda once but absolutely loved it.

I guess I should be more of a worrier than I am but I sort of just amble through life & enjoy the surprises it offers (at least the more pleasant surprises.)

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qshopper: How did you know I am an aquarian? Yes, I'll let you know how my trip went.

Ginger: Trust me, you'll live longer than I will!

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I'm just hoping I don't die until the day before the money runs out. LOL

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Cara, I clicked on your "My Page" and it said your birthday was Jan. 26 and mine is the 29th.

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Well I'll be....qshopper! You just taught me something!

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1963 I gave birth to a Son at ST GEORGE Bermuda!
Lived at Inland Cottage, Woodlawn Rd.,- Somerset, Bermuda.
Spent 2-1/2 years on the "Islands" Loved it. Went through a hurricane that went to 110 ten miles an hour. I was safer there than I am now with tornados just to the WEST! No Water on the Islands.......we caught rain water for drinking and baths. I used a ringer washer! Left it there. I wish I had brought it back. May your worry be left on the main land. The Islands are toooooo small for worry!

It has been 20 years since we went on a cruise. My back is now with DDD (degenerative disc disease) so all I can do is DREAM!!! Ships have email now....so maybe you can post and I can dream through your post!!!

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Cara, I am glad you are taking that cruise, it may be the ticket to help you relax.

We did that same cruise out of NY and it was wonderful. Bermuda is a beautiful island and very English and clean and the water is wonderful.I would do the same cruise again in a minute.
Are you going RCCL??
Have a wonderful time. Lucy

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Well, we cruised to Bermuda as stated. Its a lovely island. Hired a taxi for a 2 hr. tour. There are alot of ritsy hotels there. I think the beaches are the main attraction. The driver was very nice, went to where we wanted to see, and showed us other sites and gave lots of info; took pictures of us. (was going to hire another taxi..went into the cab..the driver said he's be right back. The cab was filthy. Told hubby we're getting out right now. Went a block away..looked into the cab first for cleanliness, and took it!)
The weather was rainy and windy most of the time, but cleared in time to go into Hamilton and St. George. The first two days at sea, the ship (Celebrity Lines -Zenith) rocked quite a bit. But I didn't know if I would get seasick, so I researched cruise sites beforehand, and the majority of people took Bonine an hour before sailing, so I did, and I was fine. The food was excellent; the entertainment so-so.
In all, it was a good trip. We've reached the point now where we're not planning anymore trips. Having been to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Niagra Falls, etc.... that's enuff!

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