stainless steel countertop alternatives

dalmadarlingOctober 20, 2011

I'm in the middle of a renovation project - creating a bar area for the hubs to brew beer and entertain. We both really wanted stainless steel countertops but got a quote that made us rethink our favorite look.

Does anyone have average pricing for stainless steel counters (6 ft X 4 ft) peninsula bar.

Any ideas from the experts on alternatives? (a friend recommended sheet metal formed over a wooden bar - would this look the same?)

Thanks for all of your help!

This style of brushed stainless steel is what we love:

traditional kitchen design by atlanta architect Soorikian Architecture

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Quotes from a counter company will be about double what they would be direct from a metal fabricating company in the less than attractive section of town. Also, you might investigate a restaurant supply company for a freestanding stainless work table with a storage shelf below. You can use decorative containers on the shelf to hold your needed supplies.

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"...a friend recommended sheet metal formed over a wooden bar - would this look the same?"

Yes. That would work fairly well with lighter gauge, and therefore cheaper, sheet.

But! Exposing such surface to thermal difference, i.e. brewing, can cause condensation underneath with resulting eventual wood rot.

I second the suggestion to directly contact a metal fabricator. Unfortunately demand in the metals market has driven ALL metals much higher.

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Fori is not pleased

Have you checked with the kitchen forum?

If you're near the SF bay area, the company that did my stainless counters (Industrialists--I recommend them unless you're in a big hurry) would probably be able to give you a ballpark quote by email--if you're not needing an integrated and/or custom sink, it might not be that bad.

While there are some companies such as Elkay that custom make stainless counters, I don't think that there is a difference between a metal fabricator who makes counters and someone who fabricates metal counters. :)

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Cruise Craigslist for used restaurant counters,

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Sheet metal will look like sheet metal, not stainless, although you might like the look. The main problems you would have with it are that sheet metal will flex because of its thinness, it will dent over time, and you will have rusting problems at some point -- especially from moisture around the sink -- even if it is galvanized. I had a stainless steel countertop fabricated which was heavy gauge and then epoxied to the 1-1/2" of plywood underlayment. This was done to prevent the flexing you get with even heavier gauge metal.

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Thank you all so much for your advice! Just catching back up after another weekend of projects (and more questions!)

@fori - I am in the SF bay area. Thank you so much for the tip!

@nancy_in_mich - Craigslist is a great idea!
@kudzu9 - thank you, that's what I was worried about. thanks for your expertise!

@alphonse - very good point - wouldn't want the brewing to mess up the counter!

@GreenDesigns - I think I may have to look outside of the "nicer" part of town.

Again - thank you all for your tips!

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Look at Melsey's post in this thread - if they have a DIY stainless option in their low price points... may be worth waiting for? Or at least calling them about?

Stainless DIY possibility?

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