Pendant light over sink with wood valance?

colorado_momApril 18, 2011

Well, we are finally in demo, and although I have dreamed, thought, and thought I had planned this kitchen for years, I am officially freaking out.

Need to finalize the decision to put a pendant over the sink. There are no other pendants in the kitchen, just recessed lights. Small kitchen. When we ordered the cab's, I ordered a wood piece to go over the sink between the two upper cab's - like a wood valance. All the pic's I have googled on pendants over sinks don't have that valance. Anyone have one that way? Thoughts?

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Hey! I happened to run across this kitchen with a wooden valance and pendant today as I was searching for backsplash ideas. HTH.

Here is a link that might be useful: claudia_nj's kitchen

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Colorado mom, I think the soft glow of a recessed light coming from a can (which you won't be able to see because of the valence) would look best. I think a pendant would distract from the valence. HTH. I am sure it will look pretty either way, but that is just my opinion. Keep in mind- its an easy switch out, so if you dislike the look you decide on, its not permanent.

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I have a wooden valance over my sink and went with 2 recessed cans.

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We put a shelf connecting the upper cabinets so we could hang 2 pendants over the sink. You can just barely see them on the left in this photo.

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Wow Kalapointer! Gorgeous kitchen! I don't think I've seen yours before.

I also think that both a valance and a pendant might be too busy. But I'm off to see Sumnerfan's pic!

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Yeah, I was right. For me, it doesn't look right.

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I had replaced my recessed light with a pendant over the sink and ended up switching back to the resessed. I have a wooden valance and wish I didn't! I kept my old cabinets and replaced the window over the sink and tiled the around it up to the ceiling. My problem with the pendant was that I couldn't get it at the right height. It hung too low with the wood valance. However, I think in the pics of ClaudiaNJ's, the pendants look fine. Maybe since I have very dark wood, it just looked too heavy.
It's these little decisions that drive us crazy or to drink!

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Thanks Breezygirl, but I am a shy poster,and haven't shown my kitchen. I have been on this site since 2007 under my DH name. It is a new home and it is very overwhelming as we are the GC and DIY.

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Thank you all for responding! Considering the years I have logged watching HGTV, and hours on the computer here, it kills me when I make a mistake. I shouldn't have ordered the wood valance, but alas, I think I will go with the recessed light above the sink instead of the pendant.

Thanks all!

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Just because you ordered a wooden valance does that mean you have to use it? I have one and love mine, but I know it depends on the kitchen and the personality you are trying to evoke. Good luck!

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kalapointer, would you mind telling me more about your counter tops? From the picture you posted it looks very similar to the color I would like for mine.

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ecranny, the countertop is called Vermont Verde Antique. It is serpentine and looks like green marble, but without all the issues of marble. Here is a web site that tells you all about it; I really like it. It doesn't stain, scratch or etch.

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I nixed the cans behind the valance and went with two pendants. Never thought it looked busy at all.

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