Adjustable Beds?

betty_the_villagesApril 23, 2002

Does anyone have an adjustable bed? We are thinking about buying one or two. Possible the two single ones that are side by side.

If anyone knows of a good adjustable bed to purchase we would appreciate your information.

We do not know anything about the adjustable beds. Is there something special to look for?


Betty in Florida

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Hi Betty,
I've seen advertisements for the adjustable beds and I think they were in the Sunday newspaper supplements. I'm not sure that I would order something that expensive sight unseen. There might be a durable medical supply near you. If I recall correctly, they can be purchased through them.
Good luck.

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Most mattress and bedding stores carry them and the necessary frame. You may be able to use a king size headboard if you already have one to use with the separate matresses. Try them out. Make sure that the leg area can also be adjusted.

Check out the frame work and the mechanism. Does it look as if it will bend, rust or otherwise give you trouble? See that you can get some sort of warrenty on the mechanism.

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Do you mean for the angle of the bed to be adjusted, like a hospital bed? Or for the firmness of the mattress? On the Garrison Keillor show they advertize the "Sleep Number" mattress that adjusts on each side. Check your radio programming and tune in to get the ad information.

-- Marie

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You ask me "Do you mean for the angle of the bed to be adjusted, like a hospital bed?".... yes, I want to be able to adjust the top of the bed to be able to sit up and the bottom for the legs. I never heard of the "Sleep Number." I will look it up.
Betty in Florida

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Hi Betty, We have had adjustable twin beds for 11 years. The brand is Flex-a-Bed and you can look it up on the internet with a search engine. You can see the different models they have. We purchased the one with the 15 year warranty. We bought ours from a store so we did get to see it and try the adjustments. I think I would want to see what I purchased too.

We have been very happy with ours. The top and the leg part adjust separately. We had looked at some other but didn't buy those I can't remember why. I don't know what I would do without an adjustable one now as I read in bed a lot and it's great for that.

Now I feel like I should have a new mattress so have been looking into the adjustable beds again as the store we bought it from isn't carrying them anymore. My control hasn't been working right but after 11 years I guess that is to be expected. I feel I might put the money into a whole new bed instead of getting a mattress and new control. They will replace the control but will cost us something because of being 11 years old.

My husband's bed is still ok so I'm glad we have twin beds and get replace just one.

Good luck!

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It's been a long time since this was first posted, but MarciaSC, did you wind up buying a new adjustable bed? I'm having the same trouble as you describe. Thanks.

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Please try to find a company that will let you try the bed you're interested for a period of time (at least a few weeks) before you commit to buying. I don't know if any do that--but if they don't, I'd probably steer clear of buying one. They're very expensive, and can be a very, very costly mistake.

DSIL has back trouble. It was recommended that she use an adjustable bed. She got one of the very expensive ones--after working on DB for quite a while to get him to agree to the purchase (it was VERY expensive). She got it home, slept on it for a night or two--and now they sleep separately. He's comfortable in the bed, she can't sleep in it at all, and sleeps on the sofa. And he's not about buy ANOTHER new bed at this point.

Not everyone is comfortable in those--be sure it's right for you. Not just for a few minutes 'test drive' at the store, but for an actual night's sleep.

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Thank you, Azzalea. I bought mine 12 years ago and the control only works sporadically now. I need a new mattress and I'm debating whether to go ahead and buy a new mattress and then have to order the new motor and remote as they don't just sell the remote for my model. My husband would have to install the motor and I'm thinking of just chucking the whole thing and go back to a regular bed. I find that watching TV in bed anyway puts me to sleep and I miss what I want to see. LOL

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I have a sturdy frame in my back porch that you can have, as a friend was through with it.

The back rises up, and a sort of tent-like shape rises for the knees. Don't have any equipment to stretch your legs, in case they didn't fit - sorry.

Slight problem - one control is broken. Haven't checked the potential difficulty of repair.

The controls are hand-operated, at the foot.

So you'd have to climb out to change them.

Sorry - no motors on this one.

No mattress, either - triple sorry.

I doubt that there'd be any worry over potentially hidden explosives being included, going over the border.

ole joyful

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You are a riot ole joyful!!!

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Thank you, Minnie.

Life should include a bit of fun, here and there, don't you think? One of the greatest stress-relievers around (as long as it's not aimed at someone).

Minnie was my Mom's name - who became mentally ill when I was about 6, died when I was 13. I got the call from the hospital bearing that message.

Kathleen was her second name - we shifted it a bit and called our daughter Kathryn. Plus Marie, after her other grandmother - the Iowa one.

ole joyful

P.S. The bed is as I described.

And - it's available.

o j

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I'm available, too ...

.. should anyone be interested.

ole joyful

P.S. What a great Christmas present *that*'d be!

o j

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Wot - no takers??

(Not even any tire-kickers?).

o j

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I lost track of this thread My Minnie name is a fake name. I don't use my real name on the internet. As far as an adjustable bed goes. You'd have to have a very large bedroom to put one of those things in IMHO.

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Not exactly, Minnie - this one's more or less single size (perhaps slightly longer).

Not counting the space you'd need to operate the cranks - but they swing underneath, out of the road, when not in use.

And you'd need the space at the foot for travel, anyway.

o j

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One brand of adjustable bed that I can recommend because of its satisfactory reviews and my happy friends is the Golden Rest Adjustable Bed line of beds...

I really enjoy this bed, and so do many of my friends. Its one of the most popular brands also. It also happens to be well, not the lowest priced adjustable bed, but much cheaper than most, and for the quality it is giving you, its great!

Another site you might enjoy is
they provide reviews and coupons and more related to the beds.

Well, thats all I have to say right now.

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