Need Help with Medicare

doterooApril 12, 2010

I'm in Georgia and will start Medicare June 1. I don't understand it all and I need someone I can sit down with in person and talk to. Is there a certain agency or someone who will help me?

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Try your local Social Security office.

However you also need to look at what you want to have covered. Hubby is under original Medicare because I was a government employee before I retired and I kept the government health insurance. My HMO covers our medicenes without the doughnut some companies had but unlike some of the other non-governmental HMO policies by the same company he does not have his YMCA dues covered by my policy. Some cover medicenes others do not. You should be receiving all kinds of information from insurance companies to review.

It is very confusing but start with the SS office for inital information. Then make a list of what you need and another for your wants.

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If you have a Council on Aging, or a good Senior Citizens Center they have people who can help you and/or get information so you can learn more.

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Go to your Senior citizen or "Y" or stop by your city hall.You would be surprised how many people are waiting to help you.If there is a sociel security building near by try that too.

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There is a lot of talk about Medicare Supplements these days.Some of the Medicare Supplements, often called Medigap, cover different things. In addition, Medicare Advantage covers a number of things that are not covered by basic plans.Medigap is an insurance that covers the gaps left by Medicare. And although Medigap is a private coverage insurance, it is highly regulated by both federal and state government, and for this reason it is affordable by many seniors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Medigap plans

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